Month: January 2012

Sacramento Heating & Air InstallationTestimonial

Sacramento Heating and Air customers, Calvin and Lily L., have written a very nice letter about their experience with Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort.

"First, a team of technicians very thoroughly and rigorously tested our entire home for energy efficiency.

"Upon completion, we received a Home Energy Evaluation Report based on findings from those tests.

"Later we contacted Sierra Pacific and got lucky, they sent us Patrick Larscheid to work with us. We studied the report together, and Pat suggested a total revamp of ductwork, replacement of furnace and air conditioner, plus add more insulation for the attic.

"This was a big project for us, and Pat was always there to explain and calm us. Now it is finished. My husband and I are very happy with our results."

Lily & Calvin

Rooftop Solar Installations Triple in Past Two Years

Sacramento has become the fastest-growing solar city in California, based on a report by the Environment California Research & Policy Center. Please read the article by Rick Daysog of the Sacramento Bee at this link:

Rooftop solar capacity soars in Sacramento

SMUD Billing Change

SMUD electric customers should have taken notice that the rates have changed again. If you did not see the notice in your last billing statement, take a look at the SMUD website.

You may also click this link to see a copy of an article in the SMUD newsletter.

Jason Hanson,
President, Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort


Sacramento Ranks High in Solar Installations

Local news is reporting that Sacramento ranks 10th among cities in California for the number of solar installations for homes and buildings and 7th for overall solar generation capacity. You can see more information on this Fox 40 News clip and you can read this article in the Sacramento Business Journal.  

The BBB A+ Rating and Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort

Keeping your heating, air, and solar home energy systems working properly is critical.  When something goes wrong, it’s essential to find a heating and air company that can respond efficiently and effectively. Asking family and friends can be useful, but researching your options through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers you an objective and in-depth way of finding the best heating and air company in your area.

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West Sacramento Heating & Air Testimonial

Thank you Joyce for taking the time to write about our crew.

To whom it may concern:

I wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with your crew Jude, Jose, and Ben. They worked in our home replacing our furnace and air conditioner. They were very careful and clean. Jude answered all our questions, even our silly ones. They had great knowledge of what the system would be doing. They also had a great sense of humor. We really enjoyed having them in our home.

Thank you for a great experience with your company!

West Sacramento

Energy Upgrade California

Upgrading your home’s energy-gobbling appliances can save you money and add value to your home. Most homeowners realize that using more energy-efficient air conditioning and heating units will lower their gas and electricity bills, but some homeowners may not be aware that improving windows, ductwork and insulation creates a more efficient and economical energy system overall. Renovating or upgrading each part of your home’s energy system may seem like a daunting—and expensive—task, but most homeowners can take advantage of incentives and rebates offered by federal, state, and local agencies and utility companies.

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Updated Sierra Pacific Website

We have updated the Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort website. Please review the updated website and let us know what you think. We appreciate any feedback that you may have.


Sierra Pacific Management