Month: March 2012

SMUD Rebates for Home Performance

Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort is now authorized to offer homeowners the NEW rebates from SMUD for Home Performance projects which allow homeowners to get up to $4000 in rebates.

As of the March 2012 SMUD Home Performance News, Sierra Pacific is one of the seven contractors that have signed the Participating Contractor Agreement and are authorized to utilize the program starting April 2, 2012. We will assess your home for its performance and give you a detailed listing of suggested energy improvements and upgrades plus the corresponding rebates available.

Lincoln CA Solar Electric Testimonial

Dear Mike,

I want to go on record in compliment to your crew that installed my solar array in one day. This was to have been a two day effort and your men pitched in and got the job done in one day. They were courteous, clean, organized and did the installation correctly first time with no mistakes. They and their leaders should receive recognition for being the best crew I have seen in a long time. Keep up the good work!


Lloyd K. R.
Lincoln, CA

Heating & Air Customer Testimonial from the Lennox Factory Survey Davis CA

This testimonial comes from the Lennox Factory Survey with perfect scores (all 10s)

Great problem solving skills. Team worked well together. We appreciated the smooth process and the fact there were no glitches with the city inspector. We are VERY pleased with the product performance. Mr. & Mrs. G-

Dean G.
Davis, CA

Folsom HVAC Testimonial

Great crew from Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort. Credit goes to the following staff: Excellent team work between Rex and Robert. Good supervision by Michael Baker who is very responsive to every questions and calls. Very professional and smart. Design Specialist Tom Chiriaco who answered all my questions. Job was neatly done and left my garage CLEAN!!! Highly recommended!!!

Rustico L
Folsom, CA

Rapid Refrigerant Cost Increases are Forcing HVAC Upgrades

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, old equipment leaking refrigerant (R-22, commonly known by Dupont’s brand name, Freon) causes an annual recharge to keep the air conditioner cooling. Here’s the problem – freon prices have increased greater than 250% from 2010 to the beginning of this year. Some dealers have ramped up the cost over 60% just in January.

You can read more about freon price increase article




Manteca Customer Has Big Reduction on PG&E Bill

This is Mike D. from Manteca.  I just left you a voicemail.  We wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU!  As you probably heard on my voicemail or are looking at my attachment, our PG&E dropped almost a full $100 only $13 shy!!!  This is GREAT news for us as we have been spending an extra $100 every month for the last 3 months because of the pump going bad. 

Also as I mentioned I haven't had a chance to go out and watch the pump to see if it is still stopping, however I will do that this weekend, however seeing the results on our bill already tells me that all is fine.  Since this new PG&E bill isn't a true "FULL" cycle with the new pump, we are looking forward to another $20 or so less on the next bill.

We really do appreciate you sticking by us (your customers) and following through until the end.  This really speaks volumes of not only Sierra Pacific but the GREAT employees such as yourself that they have working for them.  We will for sure look to you in the future when new work around our home is needed. 

Again a BIG THANK YOU from the D. family here in Manteca.  Please feel free to share this with your supervisors and pentair.  Feel free to contact me if you'd like to follow up or need further info.


Take care,

Michael D.



Antelope Solar Testimonial 95843

Dear Sierra Pacific,

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Sierra Pacific and all of your staff. Everyone of your staff conducted themselves in a very professional manner and was punctual. It is refreshing to see such good service. I really enjoyed learning so much from everyone. I would recommend Sierra Pacific to my friends and family knowing they will be treated with respect and provided a quality product.

Michael B.

Antelope, CA 95843

February 27, 2012