Month: June 2012

Rancho Cordova Heating and Air Conditioning Testimonial

Yet another great letter regarding our heating and air team!

Jude and Jose are a real asset to your company … courteous, knowledgable and hard working.
We would highly recommend your employees and your company. It was a pleasure to do business with you!

When obstacles appeared, Jude knew exactly how to overcome and solve them to our satisfaction.

Robert C.
Rancho Cordova

An Actual True Up Bill

How would you like an annual electric bill of $4.83? Our Sierra Pacific Solar clients save all year, every year.

This is an actual “True Up Bill” for one of the Sierra Pacific clients. Once you get solar, you no longer get a monthly bill, just simply a statement. You pay your actual bill at the end of the year once you see the difference between what your solar electric system produced versus how much energy you consumed.

Call us and we’ll find out what it takes to help you get the same great savings!

Indoor Air Quality

One of the best opportunities in SMUD’s as well as Sierra Pacific Home Comfort's Home Performance Program is the upgrading of the home’s air quality.

The list of indoor pollutants is long. They are generated in and outside the home. Uncontrolled air infiltration into the home, normal kitchen activities (especially with an unvented gas stove), excess moisture, household cleaning products, and tobacco are contributors to poor air. Your home performance retrofit needs to address this.

Review this interesting article published in Andy’s Corner for SMUD.


Organic Photovoltaics: Forecasts for the Next Decade

The article by Dr Harry Zervos, Technology Analyst, ID TechEX that is linked below, highlights some of the new research into the organic photovoltaics (OPV) market from 2012-2022. The different characteristics of the multiple devices for harnessing solar energy are examined. While OPVs do not offer very high efficiency levels or lifetime, they can offer good form factor, high-indoor performance, large-scale manufacture, and low capital expenditure.

If you are interested in developments in capturing solar energy and its industry Click here to read:

"Organic Photovoltaics: Technologies, Markets & Players 2012-2022"


Excellent Elk Grove Referral

Crew chief walked both myself and my husband separately on startup/orientation – very professional.

Jim & Kelly C.
Elk Grove, CA

Awesome Referral From Elk Grove

There are great testimonials in this one. Another really fantastic review from a Heating and Air client from Elk Grove.

"Awesome! I really appreciated that he talked up Sierra Pacific and did not “trash” other companies."

Comments about the Installation crew: Awesome!!

Two main reasons you chose Sierra Pacific: Competitive Price, Design Specialist/Salesperson

Linda H.,
Elk Grove