Month: March 2013

Spring is in the Air!

Schedule your Solar Pool Heating system “Spring Start-up” so you can reserve your appointment before the spring rush.

Sierra Pacific: Your Folsom Solar Energy Leaders

More than 20,000 families in the Sacramento Valley, Folsom, Davis, Granite Bay, Auburn, Acampo and in many other surrounding cities have saved up to 84% on their energy bills by switching to solar energy.

We know this, because we helped them make it happen, and now it’s your turn! Sierra Pacific is the leading name in HVAC and solar energy solutions and has been helping customers pay less on their monthly energy bill since 1984.

To speak with one of our representatives about how switching to solar energy can save you up to 84% on your monthly energy bill and earn you tax rebates and incentives, call Sierra Pacific right now.

How Dependable Is Solar Energy?

Provided that you have a dependable solar power technology installed, solar energy is much more dependable than electric energy. Your power will only go out if the sun stops shining…and if that happens, we’re all in trouble!

Of course, the intensity of the sun is a factor to consider, but cloud cover makes a very small difference in how much energy your panels absorb. Speaking of panels, you might be wondering whether they’ll make your yard or your house look like a landing ground for extraterrestrials.

No worries, modern solar technology is much more compact and stylishly designed than it used to. Just look at some of the pictures on this page, or ask your technician for examples when they arrive for your in home evaluation. The evaluation is how we assess your current energy needs and give you a clearer picture of how solar energy will work in your home.

Just call us now, and be sure to ask about the tax benefit of converting to solar energy!

What Are the Financial & Tax Benefits?

Switching to solar energy can save you up to 84% on your monthly bill, but it could also make life more pleasant when tax time comes. The “Solar Tax Credit” is a Federal initiative to encourage residents of California to convert to reduce their carbon footprint, cut back on America’s dependency on foreign oils and promote a cleaner environment by switching to solar energy.

The impact of just one household switching to solar energy is a lot bigger than most people realize. Just think about the amount of energy it takes to power your major appliances. That adds up over the span of one year, five years ten years, and this is why the Federal tax incentives were initiated.

To find out more about the savings that await you, call Sierra Pacific now!

Do You Offer What About Solar Pool Heating?

If you’re a Folsom pool owner who wants to experience the comfort and luxury of a heated pool without the high energy bill, call and ask us about our solar pool heating solutions. Be sure to ask us about our zero money down options. If you qualify, you could be enjoying your heated pool before you even get your first bill!

Folsom Heating and Air Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Do you need a new HVAC unit or do you want to lower your monthly energy bill? Maybe you just need a trustworthy and dependable heating and air technician to get your unit up and running again. Regardless of your HVAC needs, Sierra Pacific, is one of the most trusted names in the Sacramento Valley for keeping you cool during the California summers, warm in the winters and helping you save money on your energy bill.

Need emergency service? Just call us, no matter what time it is! Sierra Pacific’s service and repair division offers 24-hour service 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Just call the number on this site and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and set up your home energy evaluation.

How to Know When You’re Paying too Much to Run Your HVAC Unit

No one wants to pay more money on their monthly energy bill than they have to. But what if your current HVAC unit is costing you 50% more energy than you really need to heat or to cool your home? If your unit is older than 10 years, it’s likely that you’re already paying too much. That’s right, an HVAC unit that’s any older than 10 years could be consuming up to 50% more energy than you really need to heat or to cool your home.

On top of this, building envelope leakages, duct system problems, and poor insulation can contribute to a higher than normal energy bill.  The size of your HVAC is another important factor. If it’s too large OR too small, it’s probably not the best solution for heating or cooling your home and getting the lowest monthly bill possible.

This is why Sierra Pacific performs a thorough home energy evaluation to check, not just your HVAC unit, but your insulation, your duct system, your furnace and even the window dressing that you’re using. Since ANY of these can impact your monthly energy bill, we believe you should know just how much money you could be saving.

Just call Sierra Pacific at the number on this site and tell us how we can serve your heating and air needs. We’ve served well over 20,000 customers in the Sacramento Valley, including residents of Folsom. We’re happy to show you what makes us one of the most trustworthy names providing clean, dependable and efficient energy solutions.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed with Sierra Pacific

Sierra Pacific believes that a job is never completed until the customer is satisfied with the quality of the work. If anything doesn’t meet your expectations, even after the check has been written, don’t hesitate to call us back.

While this rarely happens, we’ve made it part of our commitment to providing you with the most excellent service possible. Just call us at the number on this site to schedule your in home evaluation.

We look forward to serving you.

Elk Grove Heating and Air Service, Repair & Installation

Did you know that other Elk Grove residents have cut their energy bills in half by using Sierra Pacific?

Results can vary based on the layout of your home, your current energy consumption and based on whether you choose solar energy solutions or traditional HVAC solutions. Nevertheless, Sierra Pacific is dedicated to helping YOU find the most energy efficient solution for heating or cooling your Folsom home.

We perform HVAC service, repair, installation and replacement and offer zero down options for those who qualify when buying and installing a new HVAC with us. Just call us now to schedule your in home evaluation.

What are Elk Grove Home Performance Evaluations?

An in home evaluation could save you hundreds of dollars over the next year. This is why Seirra Pacific wants to go above and beyond by evaluating your home and finding out where you might be using more energy than you need to.

For example, did you know that running your HVAC unit costs you up to 40% of the monthly expenses what you pay for energy? Few people realize that they could easily cut this in half if they had the best HVAC solution and plug up a few of the “energy holes” in their home.

We will carefully inspect your door seals, your windows, electric water heaters, your wall insulation, duct systems and even your incandescent lighting. Any one of these things can contribute to a higher than normal energy bill, and the expenses can add up quick.

After the report is made, we go over the entire report with you, answering questions and offering solutions to any energy inefficiency problems your home may have. No work is done without your consent and all work is 100% guaranteed. Just call us at the number on this site to find out how much money you could be saving on your energy bill.

Should You Replace or Repair Your HVAC Unit?

This is one of the most important questions we’ll help you answer. In some cases, it might make more sense to install a new HVAC unit instead of repairing the old one. Even a 10 year old HVAC unit can burn up 50% more energy than you really need to heat or cool your home.

Imagine what that could save you over the next 5 years. Just call us now at the number on this site to schedule your in home evaluation.

Why Sierra Pacific is the Trusted Name in Heating and Air

Our customers in the Sacramento area number well over 20,000 and counting. We’ve been in the HVAC service, repair and installation business since 1984. All our technicians are required to undergo 100 hours of training per year and to pass rigorous background checks before being considered for a position.

No matter what brand or model you have in your home, we have experience in servicing it, installing it and repairing it. You will not find a more trusted name in providing clean and energy efficient HVAC, just call us now and see for yourself.

Elk Grove Solar Solutions that Save YOU Money & Make a Difference

Did  you know that Sierra Pacific solar energy solutions could save you up to 84% on your monthly energy bill, give you access to tax rebates and make a positive difference in the future of your planet?

Sounds like a commercial doesn’t it?

But if you’ve been thinking about switching to solar energy for your major appliances, your pool heating needs or to replace your current electric bill, you really could be about to experience lower energy bills and extra tax incentives.

We know this because Sierra Pacific is one of the leading providers of HVAC and solar power solutions for over 20,000 residents in Elk Grove, in Sacramento and many other surrounding cities. We dare you to find any company who has the wealth of experience and expertise in equipping homes with solar energy solutions.

How Much Can Elk Grove Residents Save With Solar Electricity?

Results may vary depending on your energy usage and your home’s layout, but some Elk Grove residents have saved up to 84% on their monthly energy bill. So just take the amount of your monthly energy bill, multiply it by 12 and ask yourself what you could do with that money just one year from now. That’s like creating a second tax return!

Speaking of taxes, the United States Government and the state of California offer generous tax incentives to people who switch over to solar energy. Just ask us about the “Solar Federal Tax Credit,” when you call Sierra Pacific to schedule your in home evaluation.

Attn Elk Grove Pool Owners: Solar Pool Heating Gives You the Luxury Without the Expense!

When you think about how much money you spent on your pool, isn’t it a shame to think it only gets used a few months out of the year? With Sierra Pacific’s help, you can now you can use your pool during Elk Grove’s 100 degree summers and any day out of the year with our low cost solar pool heating solutions.

You already know how expensive heating your pool can be with electricity, but by using solar energy, you can enjoy a year round swimming experience at a fraction of the cost. When you call Sierra Pacific about your solar pool heating needs, be sure to ask us about our zero money down plans and your solar energy tax incentives.

Elk Grove Solar Water Heating Solutions

Do you know how much money your hot water heater costs you every month?

It’s a large portion of your energy bill, sometimes up to half depending on how much hot water you use. But when you use a solar water heating solution from Sierra Pacific, you dramatically cut back on your monthly energy bill and enjoy a 30% federal tax credit just for switching over!

So if you could use a little extra spending money and if you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint in the process, call Sierra Pacific at the number on this site. Be sure to ask about our zero money down plans as you schedule your in home solar energy evaluation. Thank you for choosing Sierra Pacific!

Meet Your El Dorado Heating and Air Professionals

Welcome to the Sierra Pacific, your trusted professionals in heating and air service, maintenance and installation. If you’re in El Dorado and want to pay less money on your monthly energy bill or if you just need maintenance and repair, you’re in the right place.

Since 1984, we’ve serviced over 20,000 customers in El Dorado and in its surrounding cities including Acampo, Lincoln, Auburn, David, Loomis, New Castle, Sacramento and many more. Our HVAC technicians are required to undergo 100 hours a year of ongoing training to make sure they’re the very best at what they do.

That’s why we’re confident that we can provide the most customized, trustworthy solution for you and at the best price possible. So if it’s time to save some money on your energy bill, here’s how Sierra Pacific will serve your needs…

How Sierra Pacific Can Meet Your HVAC Needs

Our El Dorado Heating and Air solutions include:

  • Maintenance, service and repair for any HVAC model or brand.
  • Evaluation of your home’s heating and air units.
  • Evaluation of your duct system.
  • Evaluation of your current energy consumption.
  • Evaluation of your home insulation.
  • Inspection for costly air leakages.
  • Complete furnace checks.
  • Emergency service calls 24/7

Why is a home evaluation important? Because a poor duct system, air leakages, faulty home installation or even the wrong sized HVAC unit can lead to an overinflated energy bill. We never do any work without your authorization; we just believe you ought to know what your options are for saving the most money.

A NEW HVAC Unit Could Save You 20% On Your Monthly Bill

Did you know that by installing a new HVAC unit, you could reduce your energy usage by up to 20%, and save at least that much on your monthly energy bill? If your HVAC unit is more than 10 years old, it could be using up to 50% more energy that is needed to cool or to heat your home. Since your HVAC expenses make up close to half of your monthly energy bill, you can guess how quickly the costs can add up can’t you?

So if you’d like to know how much money you can save by installing a brand new HVAC unit, we can tell you. We’ll also hand pick the very best brand or model to fit your energy needs. After nearly 30 years in the business of installing and repairing HVAC units, we’ve seen everything that’s out there and we’re confident that no one can pick a better solution for your home.

Call Sierra Pacific for Your HVAC Installation, Repair or Maintenance

Since we want you to be fully confident that we’re your best solution, we’d like to invite you to call us right now and schedule your first in home evaluation. Be sure to ask about our $0 money down options if you’re looking for a new HVAC unit installation. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you.

Sierra Pacific: The El Dorado Solar Power Authorities

Are you ready to experience a cleaner, more cost effective home energy solution by harnessing the environmentally friendly power of solar energy?

If so, look no further than the experts at Sierra Pacific. Since 1984, our unbeatable commitment to quality and to five star customer services has put us head and shoulders over the competition.  Nowhere in El Dorado or its neighboring cities will you find a company with our impeccable track record and commitment to excellence in providing solar energy solutions.

Over 20,000 satisfied customers in California now enjoy our HVAC and solar power solutions. So if you’re ready to pay less money and create a safer future for your children, help is just a phone call away at Sierra Pacific.

Three Ways You’ll Save Money With Sierra Pacific Solar Energy

Solar power solutions give you loads of benefits, but one of the most loved benefits is the money you’ll save on your monthly energy bill. Just how much can you save? Some of our solar power customers have saved up to 50% by converting to solar energy! Just imagine how dramatically you could lower your energy bill if only your hot water heater was solar powered.

But that’s not all.

Call us now and ask about the “Solar Federal Tax Credit” and about the tax rebates and incentives that await you for becoming a consumer of solar energy.

Finally, ask us about our NO MONEY DOWN options for installing a brand new solar electrical system in your home. By the time you make your first payment for the solar electrical system, you’ll already be saving money on your monthly bills. We suggest you simply set the extra money aside to take care of the balance on your solar energy system.

And after everything is paid off, it’s nothing but smooth sailing and low monthly energy bills in the future! That’s a complete overhaul of your home energy system by simply redirecting where you’re investing your money.

Use Solar Energy to Heat Your Pool Without Paying a Fortune

One of the most exciting uses of solar energy is pool heating. Residents of El Dorado who want to use their pool more seasons out of the year without paying an expensive heating bill love our solar energy solutions.

Just call us now to schedule your home evaluation and ask us about our solar pool heating options. Again, 0$ down options and tax incentives are available for those who qualify! Call us now.

“Sounds Great, How Can I Start Using Solar Energy Today?”

If you’re ready to experience a cleaner and more cost effective home energy solution, make a difference in the earth’s future and enjoy tax rebates, lower energy bills and to make the switch to solar energy without paying a lump sum of money, you’ve got to give Sierra Pacific a call right now.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we’ll do our very best to make it easy for you to get started using solar energy. Let’s make the world a better place and lower monthly expenses. You’ve got nothing to lose…except the high energy bills you’re already paying! Call Sierra Pacific now.

Sierra Pacific Solar Power Solutions: Helping the Citizens of Davis Change the Future

Solar power solutions are important to the environmentally conscious residents of Davis California.  This is why Sierra Pacific has become one of the most trusted names in solar power since 1984. We’ve helped over 20,000 residents of California conserve energy through versatile HVAC and solar power solutions.

Together with our customers, we’re working to change the future of energy consumption and to preserve the earth’s natural resources.  We also help our customers save money on their energy bill and their tax bill.

So if YOU are ready to discover how you can make a positive impact on the environment and save money on your energy consumption, we’d love to hear from you today. Here’s how Sierra Pacific is prepared to help you accomplish your energy conservation goals…

We Start With a Home Performance Evaluation

Our first job is to conduct a home performance evaluation to discover which solar power solutions are best for your home. Next, we discuss the multiple benefits which you can expect from using our solar power solutions:

  • Tax breaks and incentives through the “Solar Federal Tax Credit.”
  • Up to 84% reduction in your energy bill (results may vary).
  • Opportunity to make a contribution to the environment.
  • $0 down available on a new solar electrical system.

As you can see, the money to be saved from using solar energy is significant. At Sierra Pacific, we make it our chief aim to give you dependable and quality energy while saving you money on your energy bill every month. So if you’re ready to conserve money and energy and make the world a better place, call us at the number on this site, we’re happy to help.

Attention Davis Pool Owners: Heat Your Pool Using Solar Energy

Sierra Pacific solar heating solutions help you enjoy your pool more seasons out of the year. Solar pool heating solutions make it, easy and affordable to heat your pool using the sun’s natural energy and to save money through tax incentives and rebates. This is why, even as you’re reading this, more Davis pool owners are making the switch to a cleaner, safer method for heating their pools.

Want to have your house checked out while we’re exploring your pool heating options?

No problem. Call us now to set up your home evaluation.

Our Solar Energy Solutions are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure that our Davis area customers get the same 100% satisfaction guarantee that we offer to all our customers. We’re an industry leader with nearly three decades of experience in providing cutting edge energy solutions to consumers. Solar energy solutions might be new to most people, but they’re not new to us. If there’s a model or brand that’s best for your home, we’ve probably already installed it, repaired and maintained it for one of our 20,000 + customers.

To set up your home performance evaluation or to discuss our solar energy solutions, call us at the number on this website right now. We believe that our unbeatable combination of quality products and helpful customer service will exceed your expectations. Call right now and you’ll see why.

Davis Heating and Air Services: Why Over 20,000 Customers Trust Sierra Pacific

Davis, California, is known for its energy conservation efforts and for its dedication to saving the environment. Sierra Pacific is known for its excellence in providing HVAC and solar power solutions to over 20,000 citizens in Davis and its surrounding cities including: Acampo, Auburn, Granite Bay, Lincoln and many more.

So if you’re a Davis resident who wants to save money on your HVAC OR consider solar power solutions for your home, we’re here to help.

How We Save Davis Residents’ Money on Heating and Air

Did you know that your HVAC unit could be burning up to 50% more energy than you need to heat your home? Imagine what that means for your electric bill! Nearly 30% of your energy bill is made up of HVAC charges. So if you run your heat a lot and if your unit is more than 10 years old, you’re definitely paying too much money. Here are a few other factors that can impact your energy consumption and your power bill:

  • The integrity of your home’s insulation
  • The age of your HVAC unit
  • The size of your HVAC unit.
  • The internal structure of your home.
  • Lighting fixtures in your home

How do you know which, if any, of these is negatively impacting your power bill? That’s where Sierra Pacific can help. Our in home performance evaluations are designed to uncover which heating and air solution will make your home as comfortable as possible while using the least amount of electricity.

You might be surprised at how quickly the cost of a new unit can be overturned by saving money on your monthly energy bill. Again, if your unit is more than 10 years old, you can almost bet on saving money over the next 12 to 24 months by installing a new unit. Of course, we never do any work or ask you to sign anything until you fully understand your options and the long term financial impact.

Is Your House Losing Energy?

Sometimes, your HVAC unit isn’t the thing that’s costing you too much money on your energy bill. Sometimes, it’s your house. A faulty or worn home insulation system, bad ducts, heat projecting light fixtures or thin window dressing can dramatically impact your home’s ability to retain heat during the cold seasons or to keep it out during the hot summers.

Our expert technicians will examine all these factors and help you understand how you can save money on heating and air expenses through some simple changes or repairs. We’ll also inspect your furnace or discuss the possibility of replacing your hot water heater with a solar power solution.

Since 1984, Sierra Pacific has been installing, repairing and performing maintenance on a variety of HVAC brands and unit models. There’s not a brand or a unit type we haven’t repaired or installed. This means we know how to choose the very best model for any home. After we’ve evaluated your home, we’ll share the options for repairing your current unit or installing a new one.

Even after the job is completed and the bill is paid, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Call Sierra Pacific Today, Start Saving Money Tomorrow

Sierra Pacific offers HVAC service and repair needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer residents of Davis and we’re 100% committed to offering you the best customer service possible. If you’re ready to find out just how much money you could be saving on HVAC services, call us at the number on this page to schedule your first home performance evaluation.

With over 20,000 satisfied customers and nearly three decades of experience in HVAC installation, maintenance, repair, we’re confident that we can lower your energy bill. Call us now, and let’s see where we can save you money.