Month: September 2014

Top Social Media Posts for Week of September 26

  • Do you stuff your fridge to the brim? We can all be guilty of this, but if items are blocking the vents at the top where the cold air is released, it can lead to poor circulation. Keep the fridge 3/4 full to make sure your food stays fresh.
  • For an alternative to no-wax furniture polish, mix 3/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1 tsp fresh lemon juice. Squirt on cloth and wipe thoroughly for a polished look that’s all natural.
  • We know the sound level of a unit is important to you, and when it comes to air conditioners and heat pumps, the Lennox XC/XP21 are as quiet as it gets!
  • Get your home ready for fall with these budget-friendly seasonal tips.
  • Area rugs can get pretty beat up, but here’s a tip to keep them in good shape. Rotate them 180° to help the colors fade evenly and balance out the wear and tear from foot traffic.

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Lennox – 4 Differences Between Furnaces and Heat Pumps


Top Social Media Posts for Week of September 19

  • When making renovations to your kitchen, install an energy-efficient kitchen range hood to remove odors and moisture with less noise. ENERGY STAR® ventilation fans use 70% less energy than standard models.
  • Stay ahead of winter dryness and add a central humidifier to your system. It can help reduce the desert-like feel of your home this winter.
  • To prepare for colder weather ahead, check weather stripping and caulk on doors and windows. If the old weather stripping foam is crumbling, remove it and apply new.
  • With the seasonal changes on their way, stay on top of weather updates with the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi® weather statistics and smart “feels like” capabilities.

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5 Lennox Resources for Your Heating and Cooling Questions


Top Social Media Posts for Week of September 12

  • Having two cable-and-DVR setups in your home can use more electricity than a new fridge! To help save on your utility bill, the next time you go out of town, make sure to unplug cable boxes if you don’t need your DVR.
  • Solar power has been on an upswing in the U.S., with usage now standing at six times its 2010 rate and the cost of solar installations down 60% since 2010.
  • Fall is here, and that means it’s time to prep for winter by cleaning gutters & downspouts and inspecting your roof for any damaged shingles. What else is on your outdoor checklist?
  • Flexible ductwork in your home is a very important part of the overall HVAC system. Here are some tips to help improve your airflow so your system runs most efficiently

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Lennox – 4 Reasons to Check You HVAC Twice Each Year


Top Social Media Posts for Week of September 5

  • A team of researchers at Michigan State University has developed a new type of solar concentrator that when placed over a window creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through the window.
  • America is making lots of solar energy. What’s holding it back from making solar panels?
  • Weather strip or add a premade attic cover to your home’s attic hatch to help keep your home more comfortable with the seasonal changes. You can save 10% on your utility bill by making sure your home is sealed.
  • Here are a few helpful tips on how to seal air leaks in your home and save money on heating and cooling costs
  • Lennox puts their units through the ringer. The Impact Wall Test is done in the Lennox testing facility to make sure units can withstand the rigor of shipping and delivery to your home.

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Lennox – 4 Ways to Keep Your HVAC Running Like it Should


Top Social Media Posts for Week of August 29

  • Pesky ants getting in your house? You may already have the solution sitting in your kitchen. Sprinkling old coffee grounds in front of your door can help keep them out.
  • Sierra Pacific Congratulates KYOCERA Solar – Sierra Pacific would like to congratulate the team at KYOCERA Solar for their industry leading accomplishment. This 3rd party testing validates what we’ve come to know from persona…
  • Exterior areas get dirty over time, but the right pressure washer can quickly clean and restore your exterior walls, gutters, decks or driveway. Don’t want to invest in one? No problem, many places will rent them!
  • Check out these Healthy Climate® Solutions from Lennox customized based on your personal air quality needs.
  • Beat the heat in the kitchen by using a crock pot instead of the stove top or oven. The slow cooker puts off less heat and you can make enough in one batch for the whole family!

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