Month: October 2014

Top Social Media Posts for Week of October 24

  • Proper inspection of a fireplace is vital to ensure it will operate safely, even if it is rarely used. Fall is a great time to inspect for buildup and blockages.
  • Fun fact: The next time you drop a glass, reach for a slice of bread. It acts like a sponge, picking up even the smallest shards.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of October 17

  • If your system is in need of replacement, use the Lennox product selector to help you find the perfect unit to suit all of your home needs.
  • Fall maintenance tip: Use a screwdriver to probe the wood trim around windows, doors and railings to see if holes need to be caulked or if the wood should be replaced.
  • Prevent a dirty floor this fall when the weather starts to change. Add a durable mat to the inside of your front door to help keep rain, leaves and even unexpected snow from being tracked all throughout your home.
  • Your blinds can help you save energy this winter. Remember to open them during the day to let the sunlight warm your home and close them at night to protect against cold drafts.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of October 10

  • Want to see how much you could save with a high-efficiency system or which tax credits you are eligible for? Lennox has resources available that can help.
  • Looking for an easy home improvement project that can help save you money? Change out the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom to one that is water efficient. This will help save water, energy and money.
  • Heating duct noise and vibration can be an irritating addition to your home heating and air conditioning system. If you are experiencing too much noise or rattling from your heating ducts or ventilation system, here are 5 tips that can help you reduce the noise.
  • Pentair’s specialty pumps are engineered and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of pressure-side cleaners, spas, and water features.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of October 3

  • Watch engineers at the Lennox testing facility share how they make the quietest system on the market. The Ultimate Comfort System™ operates with such low noise levels, you may not even be able to tell it’s on.
  • Geothermal energy has been seeing strong growth in recent years, but much of this growth is going uncelebrated.
  • Legislation aims to make solar energy more accessible in California.
  • Energy efficient windows are becoming the main way that people are saving energy in their homes. Find out more about energy efficient windows.

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