6 Cool Air Conditioning Tips that will Save You Money

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Hot summer days are just weeks away. That means trips to the beach, outdoor barbecues, pool parties, and…hefty utility bills.


Nothing beats relaxing in an air conditioned home after a day of fun in the sun, but if you’re not careful that’s a luxury that will cost you.


Are you spending more than you should every summer to keep your home cool and comfortable? Plenty of folks are. Make sure you’re not one of them by following these 6 money saving Sacramento air conditioning tips.


  1. Invest in a set of mini-blinds or white window shades

Investing in a set of mini-blinds or white window shades for every window in your home can reduce solar heat by as much as 50%. Ease the burden your air conditioning unit, and wallet, have to shoulder with this one simple tip.


  1. Plant a tree

Planting trees such as red maple, capital pear or Japanese crabapple – all of which thrive in Sacramento’s climate and growing conditions – on the east and west sides of your home will help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus, it will beautify your property and help the environment. That’s a win-win-win!


  1. Schedule your housework

Summer can get downright hot in Sacramento. HVAC systems are forced to work their hardest in the afternoon and early-evening when daytime temperatures are at their hottest. Don’t make your HVAC system’s job tougher than it needs to be. Housework like cooking, drying clothes and running the dishwasher create a ton of heat. Schedule those chores for early-morning or after sunset and it will be easier to keep your home cool.


  1. Seal your ducts

If your home’s ducts aren’t sealed properly you could be essentially throwing money away – a lot of money – every time you run your heater or air conditioning unit. In the typical Sacramento home, duct systems leak an average of 30 – 40%. That’s the same as throwing away $0.40 for every dollar spent keeping your house air conditioned! On top of that, leaky ductwork promotes bad air quality and makes it difficult to maintain comfortable and consistent temps throughout your house. Ensuring that your ducts are sealed properly could dramatically improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, and that means a more comfortable home and lower utility bills.


  1. Regularly clean your air filter

Cleaning your air conditioning unit’s air filter is inexpensive, easy and essential. If left unchecked, normal dust build-up during summer can result in an air flow reduction of 1 percent per week. That may not sound like much, but it doesn’t take a lot of blocked airflow before your unit starts icing up, and if that happens you’re looking at hundreds in air conditioning repair. Don’t risk it.


  1. Upgrade to a newer, more efficient HVAC system

In Sacramento, air conditioning repair can get really expensive. If your HVAC system is old and unreliable it’s not a utility, it’s a liability. But even if your current “old faithful” HVAC system seems to be running strong consider this: upgrading to a high-efficiency air conditioner with a seasonal energy efficiency (SEER) rating above 12 could lower your monthly energy bill by at least 20%. That’s an investment that will pay for itself in a hurry.


For residents of Sacramento, heating and air conditioning costs can take the fun out of your favorite season. Don’t let that happen to you this summer. Follow these 6 tips and you’ll stay cool for less cash.


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