7 Folsom Heating and Air Conditioning Energy Saving Ideas

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The less energy your HVAC system uses the more money you’ll save on heating and air conditioning in Folsom every month. That much is obvious, right?

What might be less obvious is how making a few relatively simple changes around the house can lead to big energy savings and lower utility costs. Here are eight of the best.

7 Folsom Heating and Air Conditioning Energy Saving Ideas

  1. Ensure air supply registers are fully open (even in unoccupied rooms)

By partially closing registers, you limit the amount of air flow your HVAC system is able to move and creates back pressure that wastes energy.

  1. Properly insulate your house.

About 40% of the heat entering or escaping from a home comes from the attic. Properly insulating your home from top to bottom can yield major energy savings. Insulating materials are rated in what are known as “R-values”. A higher R-value means more effective insulation, and that means better energy-efficiency for your home.

  1. Use double-pane glass or storm windows.

Single-pane glass is a pain when it comes to energy efficiency: it’s by far the least desirable window for your home. Investing in double-pane windows will improve your home’s energy-efficiency, but new windows can improve the aesthetics of your home and make your home more quiet and insulated from outside noise.

  1. Plant the right kind of tree.

Planting trees around your home can help you stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter – with one major caveat. Since the sun rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest during winter, your home’s south wall receives the lion’s share of the sun’s rays during the coldest months of the year. If you plant a tree on the south side of your home make sure it is deciduous (it loses its leaves every fall) so you can take advantage of the sun’s warmth.

  1. Develop a front courtyard.

If you have a lot of people coming and going from your home your entryway can be a major source for heat loss or gain. Developing a front courtyard with small trees and shrubs can keep hot air in the home during winter and keep it out during the summer. Is the home redevelopment route not an option right now? Even placing potted trees and plants around the front door can be a big help.

  1. Calibrate your A/C speed and refrigerant charge in the summer.

Have a qualified technician ensure your air conditioning unit’s indoor fan speed is set to the proper air flow and the refrigerant charge is correct during the summer months to accomplish the proper humidity for your home, boosting comfort while cutting energy consumption.

  1. Schedule routine maintenance.

AC repair can be very expensive. Scheduling routine maintenance not only ensures that your air conditioning unit is performing at the peak of energy efficiency, but it will also help you catch little problems before they become big hassles.

Just a few of these small changes can add up to big energy savings – and that means lower utility bills month after month. Interested in what more you can do to save on heating and air conditioning costs in Folsom? Wouldn’t you like to have the most energy-efficient home on the block?

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