When Should You Have Your Air Ducts Checked?

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When you buy an appliance you are given an owner’s manual. Vital knowledge includes its proper use, how to tell if something has gone wrong, and when it requires cleaning or maintenance. An air conditioning system, for example, requires a significant amount of attention to ensure it runs properly and efficiently. Sacramento HVAC specialists will help you determine a schedule of cleaning and maintenance on your entire system, including a check on your duct work.

Regular inspection is crucial for appliances such as the air conditioning system. An inspection will provide a wealth of information about the system, such as when it is best to have the ducts cleaned or the units cooled.

Regardless of this schedule, you should have your duct-work checked if there is any visible mold growth inside any component of the air conditioning system, especially on the ducts. It should also be checked by Sacramento HVAC specialists if you suspect that the duct is clogged with dust and particles. This can be determined by a visual inspection of the easily-accessible parts of the system or the filters.

When To Have Your Ducts Checked

  • You might also need to have your system inspected if you have reason to suspect it isn’t working properly. If, for example, you hear strange noise from the air duct, you should have the ducts professionally examined to determine the problem.
  • If your utility bill goes up an unreasonable amount that’s a sign that something isn’t work right.
  • Your home seems visibly dustier than it ever was in the past.
  • If members of your family become ill or their allergies act up very badly when indoors.

Generally speaking, it is best to schedule regular inspections to ensure things are working optimally in order to avoid these problems altogether. A thorough inspection is the only way a contractor can know what problems your ducts or air conditioning system might be hiding from you. Finding a qualified specialist can alleviate many of your worries and answer any questions you may have about maintenance. Before you hire a contractor, you should make sure they are qualified, licensed, certified and insured before accepting their services. What you learn from even one visit by a trained professional will be invaluable in determining what your system requires and how best to provide it.

The inspection will allow your Sacramento HVAC specialist to identify what problems, if any, exist in the ducts and the rest of the system. The course of action might be as simple as a cleaning, but make sure it is done properly otherwise more particles could be released into your house than ever before. If there is a greater problem than simple cleaning perhaps resealing or replacing is in order. It is possible that, on older ducts, cleaning and repairing aren’t enough to ensure appropriate air flow and cleanliness. In fact, replacing ductwork with modernized, efficient equipment can reduce your utility bills. There is nothing as important as breathing in fresh and clean air, and maintaining your ductwork is a small price to pay for that luxury.

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