Alternative Energy Sector Continues to Grow

Published March 2012 by

The market for alternative energy grew to $246B in 2011. This is a 31% expansion in defiance of a struggling economy, industry consolidation, and vying political ideologies reports the Sacramento Business Journal citing the report Clean Energy Trends 2012, by Clean Edge, Inc.

Despite these factors and downward pricing pressures, venture capital was drawn to the clean technology sector. U.S. capital investments increased 30% becoming 23.2% of the total U.S. venture capital investment.

The article highlights these other findings within the report including the following:

  • There was a $20.4B increase in the global market for solar photovoltaics from 2010.
  • Declining solar costs promoted a 29% in total market revenues while installations rose to more than 26 gigawatts worldwide, nearly a 70% increase.
  • Record-breaking worldwide wind power installation capital costs in 2011 were $71.5B. This was an increase of 18% over 2010.
  • Wind power installation capital costs for 2021 are projected to reach $116.3B.
  • Not just wind and solar but Biofuels showed remarkable record-breaking changes. Global production and wholesale pricing of ethanol and biodiesel were $83B in 2011. This represents an increase of $26.6B over 2010.
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