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Keeping your heating, air, and solar home energy systems working properly is critical.  When something goes wrong, it’s essential to find a heating and air company that can respond efficiently and effectively. Asking family and friends can be useful, but researching your options through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers you an objective and in-depth way of finding the best heating and air company in your area.

The Northern California BBB near you has invaluable information about the heating and air companies that serve your neighborhood. Available online, by phone or fax, and by email, the BBB can assist you with researching local companies. With a strict accreditation process, records of customer complaints, and data on how long a company has been in business, the BBB is structured to provide consumers with the kind of information they need to choose the right heating, air, or solar company best suited to their specific needs.

Contact the BBB
The BBB website is located at On this central site—which covers both the United States and Canada—you can search for the BBB in your area.  Once you have found your local BBB, you can then search for a specific business or look through a list of relevant accredited businesses.  The BBB also lists its email, mail, and phone and fax contact info on its website.

Types of Information Available
A detailed picture of the heating and air company you are researching is available from the BBB. A description of the company and its products and services is displayed along with contact information, accreditation status, a customer complaint summary, and hours of operation. The BBB also provides links to agencies that have information on applicable licenses that may be required in the industry.

BBB Grading System
The BBB has a grading system ranging from A+ to F. Since this grade is based on 16 different factors (including the length of time the heating, air, and solar business has been in operation, the complaints filed and whether these complaints were resolved, and whether the BBB has received the required amount and type of information from the company), it is a good representation of a company’s overall level of quality.

Accredited Companies
A heating and air company does not need to be accredited to be listed in BBB’s records.  However, the process of accreditation alone shows that a heating and air company is serious about keeping customer satisfaction high. Although the BBB does not evaluate or rate a company’s products or services, it does require businesses to commit to resolving customer complaints and to maintain BBB accreditation standards.

Customer Complaint Records
The BBB keeps extensive files on each company in regard to the number of complaints against it. Typical complaints include issues with billing and collections practices, sales or advertising, delivery, warranties and guarantees, and products and services.  BBB records indicate the number of complaints in the last 12 months, the issues in the complaints, and whether the complaints were resolved.

Using the BBB in your area to find the heating, air, and solar company that fits your needs is relatively simple. Look for a company like Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort (which has been in the business of providing California homes with efficient and affordable home energy systems since 1985) that has a long and successful service history. Look for a company with a high BBB grade, for example, the “A+” garnered by Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort. Most importantly, look for a BBB accredited heating, air, and solar company like Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort. By hiring a company with such a sterling BBB report, you can’t go wrong!

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