Californians Can Invest In Solar and Save

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Interested in promoting solar energy?  Californians can invest a portion of their savings in small solar projects that promise a better rate of return than many conventional investments.  Mosaic, an Oakland startup, is offering Californians the opportunity to invest in solar projects in a crowdfunding style similar to Kickstarter, except Mosaic pays investors back with interest.

Mosaic was developed out of a project called Solar Mosaic.  While Solar Mosaic operates on a larger scale, with about 400 investors and $1.1 million in capital, Mosaic is focused on small-scale private investors.  You can invest as little as $25 and have a positive impact on rooftop solar projects in urban areas.

Mosaic says the likely return will be in the 4.5 percent range.  This rate beats out traditional investments such as T-bills.  Of course, these investments aren’t risk free.  There’s always a chance a project will fail.  The new project is popular, however.  By mid-afternoon on the first day of business, Mosaic drew enough investors to fully back a planned 55 kilowatt rooftop solar installation on an affordable housing project in the Bay Area.  New investors continue to pour in as people turn their interest in solar energy into a worthy investment.

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