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Another Outstanding Review from Galt on Angie’s List

Here’s yet another great testimonial that’s appeared on Angie’s List:

Angie’s List, Galt

Tune Up Your Air Conditioner For Peak Performance

Air conditioners are hardworking machines and without proper service and maintenance, their performance deteriorates. This loss of effectiveness results in both a decrease in functioning—leaving you warmer when you’d like to be cool—and an increased appetite for the energy you pay good money for. Fortunately, with just a quick tune up from Sacramento HVAC specialists, your air conditioner can be restored and stay in top condition for much longer.

How Do You Know Your Air Conditioner Needs A Tune Up?

Your air conditioner does not need to be broken before you request a tune up. In fact, just like you have your car’s oil changed and the tires rotated, regular tune-ups are one of the best ways to prevent serious problems that can cause the unit to break down. Scheduled maintenance and inspections are the best way to ensure your air conditioner is running smoothly.

There are, however, a few signs that indicate your air conditioner needs to be serviced immediately. The most common tell tale sign is when the unit starts making unfamiliar noises. Noise could mean a part is loose or something is caught in the system and being tossed around. If you notice strange sounds coming from your cooling system that you do not recognize, it is best to switch it off completely and call an HVAC specialists to inspect it.

Other indicators include leaking, small pools of water underneath the device, an unpleasant smell and unusually warm air when in use. It might also start cooling some parts of the room better than others. If one part of the room is cool and other areas are slightly warmer, you should consult a specialist quickly.

What Is A Tune Up?

A tune up is a professionally administered process where a specialist inspects, cleans and repairs an air conditioning system to restore normal function. The expert is likely to adjust the thermostat to help regulate the air temperature, fix the wiring, ensure that the fan is well-lubricated and inspect compressor amps.

They might also clean the condenser, drain and evaporator coil. After performing these tasks, it is crucial for the expert to conduct thorough checks for safety and performance. There’s more to a tune-up than just cleaning the filter.

Why Is A Tune Up Important?

Through use and time, air conditioners lose their ability to run smoothly. The more they struggle to function, the more energy they use up. Having your system tuned will therefore cut out additional energy costs.

Also, it’s important to note that when an air conditioner begins to show the previously-mentioned signs of damage, continuing to use it will only worsen the damage to the system. The best thing to do is to shut it down and have it tuned to save you the cost and hassle of buying a new system.

Another benefit of tuning is that it improves longevity. Conditioners that receive regular tune ups are likely to last twice as long. Regular cleaning can prevent substances from accumulating and clogging the air system, leading both to cleaner, fresher indoor air and protecting your system from damaging particulate accumulation.

Next time you suspect your air conditioner needs a looking over, call Sacramento HVAC specialists for a professional tune up. Whether you are installing your first cooling system or need an older one repaired,  a professional can help you give your air conditioner the care it needs to give you years of fresh, cool air.

Great Job !

Hello Jason,

I just want to commend the three gentlemen who worked on my new heating and air system yesterday. Patrick, Tj and Brian did an excellent job. They have great teamwork and were respectful of each other and of me and my home. They were a cheerful, happy team! They did very professional quality work and attended to the many fine details well. I was very pleased to have them work in my home.
Thank you,
Karen Russell

Carmichael HVAC Testimonial Letter

Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort

To Whom It May Concern,

This note is an endorsement of the fine work and service we received last Friday by a team of three very courteous gentlemen who installed our new AC system.They were efficient,tidy, very accommodating and hard working.Joe,Rex and Phil did a great job and our system is working beautifully.

Thank you Sierra Pacific. We have been very Pleased with the service through the years.



Citrus Heights Solar Install Testimonial

August 12,2013


Sierra Pacific installed a roof-top 18-panel solar system on our Citrus Heights home in late June,2013.

My wife and I could not be more pleased! Permit me to briefly summarize the significant efforts expended by Mike Dale and the experienced tradesman, Brain Fronk, who installed the system.

An intial design was put forward but upon review. Mr. Date spent over two hours on the roof with a PV meter and developed an entirely different approach that involved separating the 18 panels into two clusters, one on the southern roof exposure and the other on the western  exposure, thereby capturing sunlight from early/mid-morning until dusk. Mr.Dale proposed an AC-based system employing  Enphase micro-inverters. That fortuitous  decision led to a system that has enabled us to easily and regularly monitor our PV energy production and adjust our usage to reduce our dependence on the SMUD grid.

However an innovative design is only as good as the person who actually installs the system. The panels were installed quickly and efficeiently and the electrical work completed in a most professional manner. Brain Fronk oversaw the entire installation and did most of the demanding work himself, including crawling into an old attic inhabited (we think) by trolls and ghouls.

After  SMUD’s final inspection and the system went “live” it appeared that the power line we used for monitoring PV panel production was too noisy and could not be relied upon for accurate reporting upstream to the Emphase website. Without hesitation , Mike Dale sent Brain out to install a new,dedicated circuit which resulted  in flawless communication with the panels and with the Emphase website via our home router . (Brain also had to revisit the nasty attic and should quality him for a hazardous duty bonus.) Kudos also to Ms. Kat Webster for assistance and courtesies rendered.

In summary, since the system became fully operational late june until Aug 8, nearly 1300 KWh have been generated and over 400 KWh put back into the grid thus keeping us well below the  SMUD tier 2 threshold. At this point we can say the system has far exceeded our expectations and the credit is due entirely to the skills, dedicated and professionalism exhibited by Messrs . Dale and Fronk.

So a hearty Thanks to all for a great design and installation!



John Miles

Citrus Heights,


Fair Oaks Heating and Air Testimonial

June 17,2013

I am writing today with thanks and garatitude to your company . Because of te excellent service provided by your employees our heating/air condtioning upgrade was a great experiences. Believe me we heard horror stories form our friends and neighbors about their bad experiences in dealing with other companies, but we are so pleased by the service we’ve received from Sierra Pacific we will be telling everyone about it!

Our first introduction to Sierra Pacific came from our Design Specialist, Gary Toner. Gary was very helpful and accommodating, coming to our home and office several times. He walked us through all the steps in getting this project started and we appreciate the time he took in getting acclimated with the different heating/air conditionaing systems and helping us make the right choice for our home,

Mike, our pre-site inspector, was very nice and professional. He took the time to go over everything with me  and i could tell his work was very thorough. He was on-time,considerate and walked me through the next phase of the project and we were especially thankful that he was so accommodating when working out our installation schedule. Mike was back during the installation,helping out and making sure everything went smoothly.

Rex,AJ, Philip and Matt were very professional, thorough and courteous of our home at all times. On each day, we got a call when they were en-route and they showed up precisely on time. Rex offered guidance to Philip and Matt with careful and keen observation. He did his job well and then went over what the others were doing to make sure everything done correctly. AJ was very professional and thorough and we cannot say enough good things about him. At the end of each day they cleaned up and gave us a progress report. The whole crew worked together seamlessly and made our installation seem effortless. We’re certain of the GREAT amount of effort made by this crew. but they were polite, professional and courteous eacha nd every minute. After observing their integrity we are so thankful to have had this team in our home.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. if all Sierra Pacific employees are as amazing as the people we’ve dealt with during other project then we’re positive our relationship with Sierr Pacific will be for a lifetime. We cannot wait to tell everyone about our good luck in finding you!


with sincere attitude,


Don & Kim


Choosing The Right Air Conditioning System

If indoor air quality and temperature control is a major concern of yours, an air conditioning system is likely to be the ideal solution to your problem. If you already have a boiler or furnace you can install a central air conditioning unit to cool your house. These cooling and ventilation units are energy-efficient (which means big savings for you) and they require very little care and maintenance. Only periodic cleaning is necessary, to prevent dust and debris from clogging the unit. If you’re interested in having an air conditiong system installed in your own home, you need to figure out which unit is right for you, and there are a few particular points to consider.

Size of the Unit & Space Available

The size of unit you need is dependent on the size of building it will be cooling For a smaller home you would need a standard sized model, while a large commercial property might require a larger unit or possibly even multiple units. Smaller units tend to be less expensive and a bit simpler. If you’re looking to get a higher quality unit with more features and other options, the larger units might be your best bet.

Energy Star provides a handy chart to help you calculate what capacity air conditioner you need to cool your home. To find the proper capacity air conditioner you need to calculate the square footage of your home that you intend to cool. But that’s not the only factor. The SF Gate recommends these tips for re-calcuating BTUs:

  • When calculating total square footage of a home, exclude areas that are not cooled, such as your garage or basement.
  • If your room or home is shaded, reduce BTU capacity by 10 percent.
  • If your room or home receives full sun, increase BTU capacity by 10 percent.
  • If more than 2 people occupy the room, add 600 BTU per person.
  • If the air conditioner is to be placed in the kitchen, add 4,000 BTUs to the necessary capacity.


Although it’s important, In order to ensure you’re getting a quality unit, price should not be the primary factor in your choice. Although these systems come with a high initial cost, long term cost savings of a pricier energy efficient unit make them a sound investment in the future of your home. Given the utility savings alone, the cost of the system is likely to balance out within a year over options with a lower initial cost. Not to mention that pricier systems tend to be better quality and last a lot longer.


Another aspect to consider when shopping for an air conditioning system is the brand. Major reputable brands include Carrier, Trane, and York. These brands offer a large selection of HVAC units, as well as some of the best warranties, and therefore make them a good place to start your search for the right unit. Furthermore, it is important to select a certified energy efficient system with positive reviews when selecting your air conditioning unit. Certain models have a higher efficiency than others, making them a better investment, both short and long term, in both the environment and your wallet.

Shopping for an air conditioning system doesn’t have to be a huge hassle, and you can get help if you’re not sure which is right for you. If you need help deciding on the right HVAC system for your home, you should consult with an HVAC specialist in Sacramento. They’ll help you find the best unit at the best price for all your air conditioning needs.

ANOTHER great review. Great job Patrick!


Member: George Schaezlein



Category: Heating & A/C

Services Performed: Yes* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.

Work Completed Date: January 10, 2013

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $11,000.00

Description Of Work: New HVAC installed.  New ducts.  Added return line.

Member Comments: Had consultation with Patrick.  He explained the process very well.  We understood what was going to take place, when and how much it would cost.  The work was performed by a very courteous and friendly crew.  We were satisfied with the installation.

This is an OUTSTANDING review for Sierra Pacific on ANGIE’s List.


Member: Marielou Valdez


Sacramento, CA 99999

Category: Heating & A/C

Services Performed: Yes* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.

Work Completed Date: January 07, 2013

Last Modified Date: February 27, 2013

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $9,000.00

Home Build Year: 1958

Description Of Work: I used Sierra Pacific Heating & Air to remove the existing A/C and furnace. They installed a new A/C and furnace and they relocated the A/C to the side of the house. They also installed two new ducts into the living area. They also installed an additional return air duct.

Member Comments: The person that came out was very knowledgeable and took time. He was able to properly size the equipment to my house. I didn't get a high efficiency system; I got a basic model. He was able to get parts of it to be efficient enough so I could qualify for the rebates. They work with another company that offered additional rebates which knocked off about $1,700 off the cost. I had some issues with the insulation in the attic being pulled backed and not fixed back. They did address those issues regarding insulation clean-up very promptly, and I was very pleased with how quickly they responded to my request. The installation was really good and I would recommend them.