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Introduction to Solar Attic Fans

There’s a reason spring cleaning is in the spring, because our attics are far too dark in the winter and far too hot in the summer. Unfortunately, the heat that builds up in their can negatively affect the overall temperature of our homes (not to mention the sheer amount of dust that builds up on our belongings!).

Sometimes you can spot a passive vent on an attic, it’s usually a free moving fan, that’s designed to rotate with the wind. This type of ventilation does very little in the way of cooling your attic, especially without a breeze. A solar powered attic fan, on the other hand, can reduce the amount of heat in your attic and circulate air to reduce moisture. And running the fan is absolutely free because it uses solar energy!


A solar attic fan can be installed on the roof itself or on the side your house. The unit usually comes as one piece so it’s a quick and easy project to get up and running. You simply cut a hole in the roof to fit the fan, ideally facing due south but any southward direction should be fine. The solar panel attached should be angled to face the sun. Once the fan is mounted and sealed, if the system has a controller you can mount it to a rafter beam nearby to monitor the temperature and humidity in the attic. The process is essentially these same for if you install it in the wall, similar to a window-like vent.


If you have allergies, depending on your settings, it could bring pollen and dust into the house. This is something important to keep in mind when running the fan. If you live in a humid area, the fan could suck in humid air. Just be aware of the weather and your fan’s settings and you’ll be fine.

Solar attic fans are a great way to keep your house cool in the summer. The device is powered using renewable, clean solar energy and will suck the warm air out of your attic. The colder the attic, the less heat will radiate down in to the central parts of your home, the less your air conditioner needs to work. Look into installing a solar powered attic fan today!

Financial Options For Upgrading Your Home’s Energy System

Do you want to upgrade your heating system but fear the high costs of purchasing and installing a modern system? If so, take a deep breath: there are a variety of funding sources to help offset the cost of installing new, energy-efficient appliances and systems in your home. For many people these tax credits and rebates can help you make important changes to an antiquated system without having to pay the full sticker price of new appliances and home improvements. Here are just a few examples of funding sources that can increase your financing options and allow you to make needed changes to your home.

Tax Credits for Solar Utility by the Federal Government

Having recognized the need to encourage energy-efficiency in American homes, the federal government is offering a thirty percent tax credit to homeowners who install solar power systems on their property. It is possible that the credit will entirely compensate for the cost of the upgrade. In order to make the most of this credit, be sure your taxes are up to date. Also, be sure that the equipment you use in the renovation is approved by the Solar Rating Certification Corporation (SRCC) if you’re planning to make use of this credit. If you’re interested in an upgrade and have questions about the process, contact a solar specialist in the Sacramento area, who can help you make the best decision about a solar-energy upgrade. For more information on upgrades and tax credits, you can check Solar Roofs.

Rebates on New Energy-Saving Appliances at Home

If you decide to install new energy-efficient appliances in your home, you may be eligible for up to $3200 in rebates and savings. About $950 of that comes from rebates, plus a $500 tax credit. This can help offset the purchase and installation cost of a new air conditioner, heater, or furnace. Aside from the initial credits toward acquisition and installation, you can also save quite a bit on your utility bills with newer, less wasteful equipment. More modern systems also add value to your home.

Rebates for an Energy Upgrade in Your Home in California

The state of California also offers incentives for homeowners looking to make energy-efficient upgrades. Useful improvements include new attic insulation, duct sealing, a thermostat shut-off regulator, hot water tube insulation, and installing a carbon monoxide detector. To earn these rebates, contact a contractor who can assess your home and determine a plan to improve it. He can also help you ask for a rebate for the necessary modifications. More information can be found at Energy Savvy.  There are many specialists in the Sacramento area who can help you determine which upgrades are needed and how to get these very useful rebates.

The California state government is dedicated to encouraging its residents towards greener, more energy efficient utilities and appliances. There are many financial options on the city, state and federal level to help you and your family afford safe, efficient upgrades to your home. If you have questions, don’t forget you can always just ask us.

ANOTHER great review. Great job Patrick!


Member: George Schaezlein



Category: Heating & A/C

Services Performed: Yes* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.

Work Completed Date: January 10, 2013

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $11,000.00

Description Of Work: New HVAC installed.  New ducts.  Added return line.

Member Comments: Had consultation with Patrick.  He explained the process very well.  We understood what was going to take place, when and how much it would cost.  The work was performed by a very courteous and friendly crew.  We were satisfied with the installation.

This is an OUTSTANDING review for Sierra Pacific on ANGIE’s List.


Member: Marielou Valdez


Sacramento, CA 99999

Category: Heating & A/C

Services Performed: Yes* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.

Work Completed Date: January 07, 2013

Last Modified Date: February 27, 2013

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $9,000.00

Home Build Year: 1958

Description Of Work: I used Sierra Pacific Heating & Air to remove the existing A/C and furnace. They installed a new A/C and furnace and they relocated the A/C to the side of the house. They also installed two new ducts into the living area. They also installed an additional return air duct.

Member Comments: The person that came out was very knowledgeable and took time. He was able to properly size the equipment to my house. I didn't get a high efficiency system; I got a basic model. He was able to get parts of it to be efficient enough so I could qualify for the rebates. They work with another company that offered additional rebates which knocked off about $1,700 off the cost. I had some issues with the insulation in the attic being pulled backed and not fixed back. They did address those issues regarding insulation clean-up very promptly, and I was very pleased with how quickly they responded to my request. The installation was really good and I would recommend them.


Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort recognized for 28 years accreditation with BBB

A huge thanks to all our clients for another outstanding year. THANK YOU and here's to 2013!

1985 - 2013 BBB

Programs help property owners with efficiency – Sac Biz Journal Story


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Programs help property owners with efficiency

Sacramento Business Journal

Property owners in Sacramento County and other parts of the capital region now have more access to programs that cut energy bills through programs announced Tuesday in Sacramento.

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Solar Net Energy Metering


Watch this video to see how you can actually get a credit from the utility companies!



The BBB A+ Rating and Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort

Keeping your heating, air, and solar home energy systems working properly is critical.  When something goes wrong, it’s essential to find a heating and air company that can respond efficiently and effectively. Asking family and friends can be useful, but researching your options through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers you an objective and in-depth way of finding the best heating and air company in your area.

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