El Dorado

Sierra Pacific: The El Dorado Solar Power Authorities

Are you ready to experience a cleaner, more cost effective home energy solution by harnessing the environmentally friendly power of solar energy?

If so, look no further than the experts at Sierra Pacific. Since 1984, our unbeatable commitment to quality and to five star customer services has put us head and shoulders over the competition.  Nowhere in El Dorado or its neighboring cities will you find a company with our impeccable track record and commitment to excellence in providing solar energy solutions.

Over 20,000 satisfied customers in California now enjoy our HVAC and solar power solutions. So if you’re ready to pay less money and create a safer future for your children, help is just a phone call away at Sierra Pacific.

Three Ways You’ll Save Money With Sierra Pacific Solar Energy

Solar power solutions give you loads of benefits, but one of the most loved benefits is the money you’ll save on your monthly energy bill. Just how much can you save? Some of our solar power customers have saved up to 50% by converting to solar energy! Just imagine how dramatically you could lower your energy bill if only your hot water heater was solar powered.

But that’s not all.

Call us now and ask about the “Solar Federal Tax Credit” and about the tax rebates and incentives that await you for becoming a consumer of solar energy.

Finally, ask us about our NO MONEY DOWN options for installing a brand new solar electrical system in your home. By the time you make your first payment for the solar electrical system, you’ll already be saving money on your monthly bills. We suggest you simply set the extra money aside to take care of the balance on your solar energy system.

And after everything is paid off, it’s nothing but smooth sailing and low monthly energy bills in the future! That’s a complete overhaul of your home energy system by simply redirecting where you’re investing your money.

Use Solar Energy to Heat Your Pool Without Paying a Fortune

One of the most exciting uses of solar energy is pool heating. Residents of El Dorado who want to use their pool more seasons out of the year without paying an expensive heating bill love our solar energy solutions.

Just call us now to schedule your home evaluation and ask us about our solar pool heating options. Again, 0$ down options and tax incentives are available for those who qualify! Call us now.

“Sounds Great, How Can I Start Using Solar Energy Today?”

If you’re ready to experience a cleaner and more cost effective home energy solution, make a difference in the earth’s future and enjoy tax rebates, lower energy bills and to make the switch to solar energy without paying a lump sum of money, you’ve got to give Sierra Pacific a call right now.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we’ll do our very best to make it easy for you to get started using solar energy. Let’s make the world a better place and lower monthly expenses. You’ve got nothing to lose…except the high energy bills you’re already paying! Call Sierra Pacific now.