Elk Grove

Elk Grove Solar Solutions that Save YOU Money & Make a Difference

Did  you know that Sierra Pacific solar energy solutions could save you up to 84% on your monthly energy bill, give you access to tax rebates and make a positive difference in the future of your planet?

Sounds like a commercial doesn’t it?

But if you’ve been thinking about switching to solar energy for your major appliances, your pool heating needs or to replace your current electric bill, you really could be about to experience lower energy bills and extra tax incentives.

We know this because Sierra Pacific is one of the leading providers of HVAC and solar power solutions for over 20,000 residents in Elk Grove, in Sacramento and many other surrounding cities. We dare you to find any company who has the wealth of experience and expertise in equipping homes with solar energy solutions.

How Much Can Elk Grove Residents Save With Solar Electricity?

Results may vary depending on your energy usage and your home’s layout, but some Elk Grove residents have saved up to 84% on their monthly energy bill. So just take the amount of your monthly energy bill, multiply it by 12 and ask yourself what you could do with that money just one year from now. That’s like creating a second tax return!

Speaking of taxes, the United States Government and the state of California offer generous tax incentives to people who switch over to solar energy. Just ask us about the “Solar Federal Tax Credit,” when you call Sierra Pacific to schedule your in home evaluation.

Attn Elk Grove Pool Owners: Solar Pool Heating Gives You the Luxury Without the Expense!

When you think about how much money you spent on your pool, isn’t it a shame to think it only gets used a few months out of the year? With Sierra Pacific’s help, you can now you can use your pool during Elk Grove’s 100 degree summers and any day out of the year with our low cost solar pool heating solutions.

You already know how expensive heating your pool can be with electricity, but by using solar energy, you can enjoy a year round swimming experience at a fraction of the cost. When you call Sierra Pacific about your solar pool heating needs, be sure to ask us about our zero money down plans and your solar energy tax incentives.

Elk Grove Solar Water Heating Solutions

Do you know how much money your hot water heater costs you every month?

It’s a large portion of your energy bill, sometimes up to half depending on how much hot water you use. But when you use a solar water heating solution from Sierra Pacific, you dramatically cut back on your monthly energy bill and enjoy a 30% federal tax credit just for switching over!

So if you could use a little extra spending money and if you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint in the process, call Sierra Pacific at the number on this site. Be sure to ask about our zero money down plans as you schedule your in home solar energy evaluation. Thank you for choosing Sierra Pacific!