Sierra Pacific: Your Folsom Solar Energy Leaders

More than 20,000 families in the Sacramento Valley, Folsom, Davis, Granite Bay, Auburn, Acampo and in many other surrounding cities have saved up to 84% on their energy bills by switching to solar energy.

We know this, because we helped them make it happen, and now it’s your turn! Sierra Pacific is the leading name in HVAC and solar energy solutions and has been helping customers pay less on their monthly energy bill since 1984.

To speak with one of our representatives about how switching to solar energy can save you up to 84% on your monthly energy bill and earn you tax rebates and incentives, call Sierra Pacific right now.

How Dependable Is Solar Energy?

Provided that you have a dependable solar power technology installed, solar energy is much more dependable than electric energy. Your power will only go out if the sun stops shining…and if that happens, we’re all in trouble!

Of course, the intensity of the sun is a factor to consider, but cloud cover makes a very small difference in how much energy your panels absorb. Speaking of panels, you might be wondering whether they’ll make your yard or your house look like a landing ground for extraterrestrials.

No worries, modern solar technology is much more compact and stylishly designed than it used to. Just look at some of the pictures on this page, or ask your technician for examples when they arrive for your in home evaluation. The evaluation is how we assess your current energy needs and give you a clearer picture of how solar energy will work in your home.

Just call us now, and be sure to ask about the tax benefit of converting to solar energy!

What Are the Financial & Tax Benefits?

Switching to solar energy can save you up to 84% on your monthly bill, but it could also make life more pleasant when tax time comes. The “Solar Tax Credit” is a Federal initiative to encourage residents of California to convert to reduce their carbon footprint, cut back on America’s dependency on foreign oils and promote a cleaner environment by switching to solar energy.

The impact of just one household switching to solar energy is a lot bigger than most people realize. Just think about the amount of energy it takes to power your major appliances. That adds up over the span of one year, five years ten years, and this is why the Federal tax incentives were initiated.

To find out more about the savings that await you, call Sierra Pacific now!

Do You Offer What About Solar Pool Heating?

If you’re a Folsom pool owner who wants to experience the comfort and luxury of a heated pool without the high energy bill, call and ask us about our solar pool heating solutions. Be sure to ask us about our zero money down options. If you qualify, you could be enjoying your heated pool before you even get your first bill!