Lincoln, CA

The Most Trusted Providers of Lincoln Solar Power

Welcome to Sierra Pacific, your trusted providers of solar power solutions or Lincoln residents.  You might have already heard about the money saving capability of solar power solutions. Maybe you just want to reduce your carbon footprint or make a contribution to creating a cleaner and safer future for your children.

Whatever your interest might be in solar power, Sierra Pacific is the company you can trust to provide you with a solid and dependable solution at the absolute best price. Just call us now to set up your in home evaluation and be sure to ask about qualifying or our zero down options!

How Our Lincoln Solar Energy Solutions Will Help Your Energy Bill

One of the most beneficial reasons people convert to social energy is the tremendous impact it can have on their monthly energy expenses. We’ve already helped thousands of residents in Lincoln and in its surrounding cities to save up to 84% on their monthly energy bill. Switching to solar energy also makes you eligible for tax incentives and rebates through the “Solar Tax Credit.” Be sure to ask us about these incentives when you call to schedule your in home evaluation!

Our first job will be to evaluate your home and give you some examples of how you can cut back on energy expenses through solar energy solutions. If you’re already heating your pool using regular electricity, you’ll save a lot of money by switching to solar. You can also switch to a completely solar powered hot water heater. Just call us now at the number on this site to discover how much money you could be saving through solar energy.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

You’ve probably already seen solar powered calculators which draw their energy from a small strip on the top of the keyboard. All solar energy solutions work in a similar way, just a larger scale. Of course, the social energy technologies which are designed for residential use are made to be as discreet and stylish as possible.

Lincoln Solar Pool Heating

A pool is great during the blazing California summers. But wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy your pool during the “non-swimming” seasons too? With Sierra Pacific solar pool heating solutions, you can. Lincoln residents who own pools can now enjoy the luxury of a heated pool without the high electric bill. Just call us now to schedule your appointment with one of our expert solar power technicians.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Us

Sierra Pacific has over 20,000 satisfied customers and a reputation for being the trusted name in HVAC and in solar power solutions. We’ve been serving the residents of Lincoln and its surrounding areas since 1984. You won’t find a more competent and caring provider anywhere else. Just call us now at the number on this page and get ready to save money and make a positive impact on the earth by converting to solar energy.