New Castle, CA

Sierra Pacific: Your Newcastle Solar Experts

Welcome to Sierra Pacific. We’re proud to serve the residents of Newcastle in making the conversion to solar energy simple and affordable. For nearly 30 years, Sierra Pacific has been raising awareness about the power and efficiency of solar energy in cities like Sacramento, Lincoln, Rocklin, Loomis New Castle, Elk Grove Folsom and Granite bay.

By converting to solar energy, you could:

1.       Save up to 84% on your monthly energy bill

2.       Help reduce US dependence on foreign oil

3.       Enjoy tax rebates and incentives under the “Solar Tax Credit”

4.       Reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.

5.       Heat your pool without paying an outrageous energy bill

6.       Help to raise general awareness about the efficiency of solar energy

Best of all, Sierra Pacific is here to make it simple and affordable for you to switch to solar energy and start enjoying the benefits right away. Just call Sierra Pacific and ask us about qualifying for our zero down options.

How Does Solar Electricity Work?

Solar electricity is generated by drawing power from the sun’s rays. This happens much in the same way, solar calculator is powered by the small strip above the keyboard, just on a much larger and more sophisticated scale. The solar panels which we’ll be installing are much more discreet and stylish that they were decades ago. So don’t worry about your yard or your house looking like something out of a science fiction movie.

As for the dependability of solar energy, you’ll get the most energy on sunny days, but it takes a lot of darkness make a noticeable drop in your home’s available energy. Most likely, you’ll never notice a difference between the effectiveness of solar energy and regular electricity. Our solar energy specialist will also assess your home and your energy usage to help you determine how your household will be impacted by the conversion to solar energy.

We think you’ll be very pleased when you see your next energy bill! Just call Sierra Pacific right now at the number on this site to schedule an appointment with one of our solar energy experts.

Newcastle Solar Water Heating & Pool Heating

If you’re a Newcastle resident who wants to enjoy a year round swimming experience, you’ll be delighted to know that solar pool heating costs only a fraction of what you’d pay by heating your pool with conventional electricity.

In the same way, solar water heating is much more cost effective and cleaner than using conventional electricity. By using solar energy, you’ll be safer from the pollutants which are normally connected with regular water heating.

So if you’re ready for a cleaner and more cost effective way to heat your pool or provide your household with hot water, call Sierra Pacific right now and see how our decades of experience can serve you.

We ALWAYS Guarantee 100% Satisfaction

Sierra Pacific didn’t become the leading provider of solar energy overnight. We’ve been working hard at building trustworthy reputation since 1984. Over 20,000 customers in the Sacramento Valley have come to depend on us for solar energy and HVAC service, repair and installation.

We don’t take this reputation lightly, and that’s why your satisfaction is absolutely 100% guaranteed. Just call us now at the number on this site, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.