Sierra Pacific: The Trusted Rocklin Solar Energy Providers

If you’re ready to become a part of the Rocklin initiative to build a stronger environment and national economy through the power of solar electricity, you’re in the right place.

At Sierra Pacific, we know how Rocklin’s residents boast of a high quality of living, including low crime rates and good schools, along with notable businesses. One of these businesses is the SMA America, LLC, headquarters the United States’ location for the company’s famous solar inverters, sold worldwide.

It makes perfect sense for SMA Solar Technology’s US headquarters to be in Rocklin. After all, the citizens of Rocklin are dedicated to energy efficiency and raising awareness of the environment.  A fantastic way to accomplish this is through solar power. Solar energy is the most natural, recyclable way to create energy for businesses and homes alike.

Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort is proud to be the most trusted provider of solar energy to solutions to the residents of Rocklin, just as we have been doing for nearly 30 years. If you’d like to speak with a Sierra Pacific representative about the incredible savings you can enjoy by converting to solar energy, just call us at the number on this site.

How Can Rocklin Solar Electricity Save Me Money?

Did you know that “going green” could mean saving the green in your bank account as well as the green on our planet? That’s right, by converting to solar energy, you could be looking at a monthly energy bill that’s up to 84% lower than what you’re used to paying. Imagine what you could do with that extra money by the end of this year!

You can start enjoying these savings as early as this month…but that’s not all. The US Government is also showing its support or families and businesses who switch to solar energy. The “Solar Tax Credit” is a tax inventive that’s available to YOU as soon as you make the switch over the solar energy.

Finally, Sierra Pacific has created a “no money down” (for those who qualify) option, which will make converting to solar electricity simple and cost effective. By the time you make your first payment to us, you could already see the dramatic savings on your monthly energy bill! Just call us now and ask about qualifying for our no money down option.

Rocklin Solar Pool Heating

If you’re a Rocklin pool owner who gets tired of looking at an empty pool for six months out of the year, we’re pleased to show you why solar pool heating makes the luxury of year-round-swimming affordable to anyone. Just call Sierra Pacific right now and ask about our solar pool heating solutions. We’ll show you just how easy it is to offset the original cost of installing solar pool heating.

Our Rock Solid Guarantee 

Sierra Pacific has worked for nearly 30 years to build a trustworthy reputation as the leader in solar energy solutions. To protect this reputation, we ensure the absolute satisfaction of our customers on every job we complete, no matter how small. We’ve served over 20,000 satisfied customers in Rocklin and it its surrounding cities and we’re proud to bring the same excellence in customer service and efficiency to you. Just call us now the number on this site, and get ready to enjoy the clean, dependable and cost effective lifestyle solar energy can provide.

Rocklin Solar Pool Testimonial on Angie’s List

Review Date: May 13, 2013

Member: Laurie S


Categories: Pool & Spa Service and Repair Solar Panels

Services Performed: Yes* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.

Work Completed Date: May 09, 2013

Hire Again: Yes

Home Build Year: 2002

Description Of Work: They came out when scheduled and performed work as agreed.  Installed solar panels and pump for existing pool.

Member Comments: Very well!