Davis Heating and Air Services: Why Over 20,000 Customers Trust Sierra Pacific

Davis, California, is known for its energy conservation efforts and for its dedication to saving the environment. Sierra Pacific is known for its excellence in providing HVAC and solar power solutions to over 20,000 citizens in Davis and its surrounding cities including: Acampo, Auburn, Granite Bay, Lincoln and many more.

So if you’re a Davis resident who wants to save money on your HVAC OR consider solar power solutions for your home, we’re here to help.

How We Save Davis Residents’ Money on Heating and Air

Did you know that your HVAC unit could be burning up to 50% more energy than you need to heat your home? Imagine what that means for your electric bill! Nearly 30% of your energy bill is made up of HVAC charges. So if you run your heat a lot and if your unit is more than 10 years old, you’re definitely paying too much money. Here are a few other factors that can impact your energy consumption and your power bill:

  • The integrity of your home’s insulation
  • The age of your HVAC unit
  • The size of your HVAC unit.
  • The internal structure of your home.
  • Lighting fixtures in your home

How do you know which, if any, of these is negatively impacting your power bill? That’s where Sierra Pacific can help. Our in home performance evaluations are designed to uncover which heating and air solution will make your home as comfortable as possible while using the least amount of electricity.

You might be surprised at how quickly the cost of a new unit can be overturned by saving money on your monthly energy bill. Again, if your unit is more than 10 years old, you can almost bet on saving money over the next 12 to 24 months by installing a new unit. Of course, we never do any work or ask you to sign anything until you fully understand your options and the long term financial impact.

Is Your House Losing Energy?

Sometimes, your HVAC unit isn’t the thing that’s costing you too much money on your energy bill. Sometimes, it’s your house. A faulty or worn home insulation system, bad ducts, heat projecting light fixtures or thin window dressing can dramatically impact your home’s ability to retain heat during the cold seasons or to keep it out during the hot summers.

Our expert technicians will examine all these factors and help you understand how you can save money on heating and air expenses through some simple changes or repairs. We’ll also inspect your furnace or discuss the possibility of replacing your hot water heater with a solar power solution.

Since 1984, Sierra Pacific has been installing, repairing and performing maintenance on a variety of HVAC brands and unit models. There’s not a brand or a unit type we haven’t repaired or installed. This means we know how to choose the very best model for any home. After we’ve evaluated your home, we’ll share the options for repairing your current unit or installing a new one.

Even after the job is completed and the bill is paid, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Call Sierra Pacific Today, Start Saving Money Tomorrow

Sierra Pacific offers HVAC service and repair needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer residents of Davis and we’re 100% committed to offering you the best customer service possible. If you’re ready to find out just how much money you could be saving on HVAC services, call us at the number on this page to schedule your first home performance evaluation.

With over 20,000 satisfied customers and nearly three decades of experience in HVAC installation, maintenance, repair, we’re confident that we can lower your energy bill. Call us now, and let’s see where we can save you money.