El Dorado

Meet Your El Dorado Heating and Air Professionals

Welcome to the Sierra Pacific, your trusted professionals in heating and air service, maintenance and installation. If you’re in El Dorado and want to pay less money on your monthly energy bill or if you just need maintenance and repair, you’re in the right place.

Since 1984, we’ve serviced over 20,000 customers in El Dorado and in its surrounding cities including Acampo, Lincoln, Auburn, David, Loomis, New Castle, Sacramento and many more. Our HVAC technicians are required to undergo 100 hours a year of ongoing training to make sure they’re the very best at what they do.

That’s why we’re confident that we can provide the most customized, trustworthy solution for you and at the best price possible. So if it’s time to save some money on your energy bill, here’s how Sierra Pacific will serve your needs…

How Sierra Pacific Can Meet Your HVAC Needs

Our El Dorado Heating and Air solutions include:

  • Maintenance, service and repair for any HVAC model or brand.
  • Evaluation of your home’s heating and air units.
  • Evaluation of your duct system.
  • Evaluation of your current energy consumption.
  • Evaluation of your home insulation.
  • Inspection for costly air leakages.
  • Complete furnace checks.
  • Emergency service calls 24/7

Why is a home evaluation important? Because a poor duct system, air leakages, faulty home installation or even the wrong sized HVAC unit can lead to an overinflated energy bill. We never do any work without your authorization; we just believe you ought to know what your options are for saving the most money.

A NEW HVAC Unit Could Save You 20% On Your Monthly Bill

Did you know that by installing a new HVAC unit, you could reduce your energy usage by up to 20%, and save at least that much on your monthly energy bill? If your HVAC unit is more than 10 years old, it could be using up to 50% more energy that is needed to cool or to heat your home. Since your HVAC expenses make up close to half of your monthly energy bill, you can guess how quickly the costs can add up can’t you?

So if you’d like to know how much money you can save by installing a brand new HVAC unit, we can tell you. We’ll also hand pick the very best brand or model to fit your energy needs. After nearly 30 years in the business of installing and repairing HVAC units, we’ve seen everything that’s out there and we’re confident that no one can pick a better solution for your home.

Call Sierra Pacific for Your HVAC Installation, Repair or Maintenance

Since we want you to be fully confident that we’re your best solution, we’d like to invite you to call us right now and schedule your first in home evaluation. Be sure to ask about our $0 money down options if you’re looking for a new HVAC unit installation. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you.