Lincoln, CA

Lincoln Heating & Air Solutions You Can Depend On

Why would you choose Sierra Pacific as your trusted provider of HVAC service, repair or installation?

Maybe it’s because we’ve been serving the residents of Lincoln and of the Sacramento Valley for nearly 30 years and we have experience with every brand and model HVAC unit. Maybe it’s because we have over 20,000 satisfied customers to date, or maybe it’s because we hand pick only the most qualified and trustworthy technicians.

Maybe it’s because we’ve helped our customers save money on their monthly energy bill. Regardless of your need, we’re here to provide you with the same excellent service that has made us one of the most trusted names in energy since 1984.

Just call us now to schedule your appointment, and be sure to ask about how we can save you money on your energy bill!

Save Money on Your Bill With in Home Evaluations

Sierra Pacific customers have saved up to 30% on their monthly bill just by replacing their HVAC unit. That’s right, if your HVAC unit if more than 10 years old, it’s possible that you’re using up to 50% more energy to heat or cool your home than you need. If you’d like to know exactly how much energy and money you could be saving, you’re in the right place.

Our in home evaluations are designed to help you see where the “leaks” are in your energy consumption. Here are just a few things we look at during the evaluation:

1.       The age of your HVAC unit

2.       The size of your HVAC unit and whether it’s just right for your home

3.       Your window treatments & use of incandescent lighting

4.       Furnace checks

5.       Inspection of duct system

6.       Inspection of your homes insulation

Many of our Lincoln customers have chosen to install a brand new HVAC unit because of the long term monthly savings. Just imagine, if you save just $50 a month on your energy bill, that’s more than enough to replace your HVAC unit with a brand new one every few years. This way, you can KEEP your energy bill down year after year and you have a more dependable HVAC system.

Just call us now to schedule your appointment and find out why over 20,000 residents now trust us as their provider of HVAC repair, service and installation. When calling about your in home evaluation, be sure to ask about qualifying for our zero down options.

Our job is to provide you with the most dependable and trustworthy HVAC solution for your home and at the best price. With over 20,000 satisfied customers, you know you can count on Sierra Pacific to make your satisfaction top priority.

Need emergency HVAC repair? No problem, we’re available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Just call to schedule your appointment.