Sierra Pacific: Your Loomis Heating and Air Experts

Loomis residents know they can depend on Sierra Pacific when it comes to installation, repair and service of their HVAC units. But that’s not all Sierra Pacific does for their customers. We can also help you save up to 30% on your monthly energy bill.

That’s right. If you’re ready to enjoy a lower monthly bill, we’re here to help you exactly where you’re paying too much for energy. Just call us at the number on this site and schedule one of our experienced and friendly technicians will perform an in home evaluation.

Are You Paying Too Much for Heating & Cooling Your Home?

How do you know when you’re paying more than you should be to run your HVAC unit? It depends on many things, all of which we’ll uncover during the in home evaluation. Here are a few things we’ll check:

1.       Your duct system

2.       Your furnace

3.       Your window treatments

4.       Impact of lighting on your home temperature

5.       Your insulation

6.       Your HVAC unit

The first five of these items might not make a huge dent in your home temperature by themselves, but together they can make a significant difference. Your HVAC unit is a different story, that’s where the biggest difference can be made.

Sometimes, repairing your old HVAC unit can cost you MORE money than installing a new one. For example, even if your HVAC unit is just 10 years old, it could be consuming up to 50% more energy than is really required to heat or cool your home.

The size of your HVAC unit can also impact your monthly energy bill. Some residents have found that they can save money by switching to a more powerful unit, while others have saved money switching to something smaller.

It all depends on the layout of your home and on your energy consumption, but we’re here to make sure you know exactly what your options are. If you’re ready to discover how a new HVAC unit installation can save you money every month, starting this month, just call Sierra Pacific to schedule your in home evaluation.

Why Loomis Residents Choose Sierra Pacific

Sierra Pacific has spent nearly 30 years building a reputation for being one of the most trustworthy dependable, customer focused HVAC companies in the Sacramento valley. Over 20,000 customers have used our services for repair, installation and service.

Our technicians are required to undergo 100 hours of specialized training per year and we require rigorous background checks. We believe that no job is completed until the customer is completely satisfied with the performance of their HVAC system. Just call us right now to schedule your home evaluation and start enjoying lower energy bills.

Thank you for choosing Sierra Pacific.