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Since 1984, Sierra Pacific has worked hard to build a trustworthy reputation with the residents of Newcastle. We keep them cool during the blazing summers and warm during the cold winters by providing them with the most trustworthy, dependable and cost effective heating and air solutions. Our technicians handle emergency service and repair calls and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year.

Just call Sierra Pacific right now to schedule your service, repair or installation appointment. We guarantee you won’t find a more dependable, knowledgeable and trustworthy heating and air company in the Sacramento valley.

Are You Paying too Much for Heating and Air?

You might not think about your HVAC unit much as long as it does its job. If you turn it on during the summer and it cools your home, you don’t give it a second thought. But did you now that your current HVAC unit might be burning through energy 50% faster than it really needs to in order to cool your home?

That’s right, if you HVAC unit is 10 years old or older, there’s a good chance it’s working so hard to keep your house cool that it’s costing you more money than it would to install a new unit. You also might be surprised to discover how much money you could save just by a few home improvements such as:

1.       Repairing of your duct system

2.       Choosing different window treatments of lighting fixtures

3.       Optimizing your home insulation

4.       Switching to a smaller HVAC unit, OR a larger one

5.       Furnace repairs or maintenance

These are all factors which can impact your monthly energy bill, and since your HVAC charges make up for nearly 40% of your energy bill, you can imagine what you could save by making a few minor changes.

This is why our HVAC technicians are trained to evaluate your home, consult with you about your options for saving money on your monthly bill and help you decide whether a new HVAC unit would be more cost effective than repairing your old one.

After nearly 30 years repairing and installing some of the top brands and models, there isn’t much that our technicians haven’t seen, experienced or been trained to work on. Just ask our representative about your HVAC unit when you call to schedule your appointment. We can even select the technician who has the most experience working with your specific brand or model.

See What Our Decades of Experience Can Do for You

Sierra Pacific has served more than 20,000 happy customers in the New Castle area and in its surrounding cities. The moment you speak to our representative, you’ll discover that we’re 100% committed to your satisfaction and that our primary job is to serve you and help you get the most possible value for the money you pay to us and to the electric company. Just call us now to find out how Sierra Pacific we can help.