How Often Should I Change My Air Filters?

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Regular tune-ups up are an essential part of maintaining your HVAC system. Yet, between the times your service specialist comes to check out your system there are a few things you can do to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. The biggest is checking and replacing your air filters.

When you have your HVAC system installed or when your specialist comes to do a routine check-up ask them to show you where the air filters are and how to check them. They should be in a relatively easy to access location, although you may need a ladder and screwdriver to get to them.

The rule of thumb is to replace your filters every 30-60 days for the best air quality in your home. Of course, this rule changes based on your individual circumstances. If you are or someone in your home smokes indoors, you’ll need to replace the filters faster. But, if you use an air purifier or dehumidifiers they will filter the air as well and you won’t need to replace your HVAC air filters as frequently. The fine folks over atService Experts advise you to adjust for the following circumstances:

  • Vacation home or single occupant w/o pets or allergies: 6-12 months
  • “Average” suburban home w/o pets: every 90 days
  • Add a dog or cat: every 60 days
  • Add more than one pet or have allergies: 30-45 days

We’ll just add that if you have allergies, you should change the filters more often as well. Air filters will decrease the amount of allergens in your home to ensure when inside you are truly comfortable.

Keeping Track & Buying in Bulk

Depending on how often you need to change your filter, you can buy sets of them so you don’t have to run out every time you need to change your filters. Talk to you installer about where to purchase them and what size you’ll need, or if there’s any particular brand that is more efficient.

Remembering to change the filters before your air quality drastically degrades is the toughest part. Some tips on remembering to change the filters:

Change them when you pay your bills

Set an email or calendar reminder

If you have a regular appointment, like a doctor’s appointment every 90 days, get into the habit of changing your filters the day before

Change them when you change the oil in your car

Any way that helps you remember will improve the air quality in your home and extend the life of your HVAC system.

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