Choosing a Zoned Temperature System

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An efficient heating and cooling system is vital to a comfortable, pleasant home. Two important considerations for homeowners looking to improve their HVAC system are sufficient temperature control and an energy efficient system. In Sacramento, many HVAC specialists suggest a zoned air conditioning and heating system to fill the homeowner’s needs.

The Benefits

Essentially, zoned air conditioning and heating uses multiple thermostats. These thermostats are all linked up to the same control panel. Each room has its own thermostat, and therefore the temperature of that room can be controlled independently of the others. For example, if one of your bedrooms gets less sun in the winter, you can raise the temperature of that room without affecting the others, preventing both wasted fuel and the discomfort of other members of your household. Or if you a guest room that does not need to be heated most of the time, you can turn that thermostat virtually off without affecting the remainder of the house. Having the freedom to individually control the heating and cooling needs of every room in the house allows you to keep everyone comfortable with one system.

Energy Efficiency

This is a biggest reason why zoned temperature control systems are gaining popularity. As we all know, an efficient system is great for both preserving the integrity of the environment and your bank account. This is one of the main reasons that people will consider using zoned temperature control. Independent control over individual spaces within one unified system will lower your usage and cost, since you only have to heat or cool rooms when necessary, to a personalized temperature that isn’t dependent on how the rest of the house needs to feel. If you do a lot of baking in the cold months, for example, you won’t need much heat in your kitchen. Or if one side of your house doesn’t see much sun in the summer you won’t need to air condition the space. With a zoned temperature control system, you can turn the kitchen heating down while still keeping your living room and bedrooms as cozy as before.


Purchase and installation fees will vary depending on the system you use and how much work needs to be done to your home. A fair amount of the expense comes from potential upgrades to the ductwork, depending on how old your home and its current system are. While it might be necessary to change the ductwork, it’s not automatic; it is sometimes possible to retrofit the dampers to fit in the ducts you have at the moment. Either way, the energy efficiency of the system will balance out the installation fee, as you may see a drop of up to 30% in your household energy bills with a modern zoned system in place.

The number of zones you need to choose for your system will depend on the size of your home or apartment. An HVAC specialist can help you plan that out before work begins, as well as answering any other questions you have about your current system and making the switch to zoned temperature control. Whether your family members are nit-picky about the house or you simply want to conserve energy, a zoned temperature control system is a great solution in all situations.

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