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August 12,2013


Sierra Pacific installed a roof-top 18-panel solar system on our Citrus Heights home in late June,2013.

My wife and I could not be more pleased! Permit me to briefly summarize the significant efforts expended by Mike Dale and the experienced tradesman, Brain Fronk, who installed the system.

An intial design was put forward but upon review. Mr. Date spent over two hours on the roof with a PV meter and developed an entirely different approach that involved separating the 18 panels into two clusters, one on the southern roof exposure and the other on the western  exposure, thereby capturing sunlight from early/mid-morning until dusk. Mr.Dale proposed an AC-based system employing  Enphase micro-inverters. That fortuitous  decision led to a system that has enabled us to easily and regularly monitor our PV energy production and adjust our usage to reduce our dependence on the SMUD grid.

However an innovative design is only as good as the person who actually installs the system. The panels were installed quickly and efficeiently and the electrical work completed in a most professional manner. Brain Fronk oversaw the entire installation and did most of the demanding work himself, including crawling into an old attic inhabited (we think) by trolls and ghouls.

After  SMUD’s final inspection and the system went “live” it appeared that the power line we used for monitoring PV panel production was too noisy and could not be relied upon for accurate reporting upstream to the Emphase website. Without hesitation , Mike Dale sent Brain out to install a new,dedicated circuit which resulted  in flawless communication with the panels and with the Emphase website via our home router . (Brain also had to revisit the nasty attic and should quality him for a hazardous duty bonus.) Kudos also to Ms. Kat Webster for assistance and courtesies rendered.

In summary, since the system became fully operational late june until Aug 8, nearly 1300 KWh have been generated and over 400 KWh put back into the grid thus keeping us well below the  SMUD tier 2 threshold. At this point we can say the system has far exceeded our expectations and the credit is due entirely to the skills, dedicated and professionalism exhibited by Messrs . Dale and Fronk.

So a hearty Thanks to all for a great design and installation!



John Miles

Citrus Heights,


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