Contractors Face Uncertainty in 2013

Published March 2013 by

The political and economic situation in America, the looming fiscal cliff, and the uncertainty in economic direction has contractors wondering what 2013 holds in terms of their business.  There’s an expectation that people will remain hesitant about long term commitments and careful with their financial resources. 

Homeowners are putting off renovations and upgrades, choosing to repair their existing HVAC systems rather than replace them.  They would rather sacrifice their heating and cooling needs rather than take on additional personal debt.

While homeowners may continue being cautious, commercial customers are showing some interest in energy efficiency improvements.  The key is return on investment.  Where contractors can offer a reasonable rate of return, commercial customers are moving forward with improvements.

Most contractors anticipate some business growth in 2013.  Using special offerings, advanced technologies, or new business markets contractors are working to innovate and expand their appeal to niche markets.  While many contractors are struggling, those who are flourishing have figured out ways to be different and better than their competition. 

Growth is anticipated in the areas of energy conservation and green consulting.  This is a great time to highlight green energy options such as solar power, and energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems.  The contractors that offer options to their customers are experiencing the most success.

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