We can help you find funding for your project!

Sierra Pacific has access to a diverse set of options to help you get funding for your home improvement project. When you work with Sierra Pacific, we help you find a funding source that meets your project budget and makes your energy saving improvement a smart financial investment that can increase your comfort and add to the value of your home.

Our loans include:
  • Green Energy Loans – low rate funding that does not require home equity or collateral
  • Equity Line of Credit or even home refinancing with project funding included
  • SMUD home improvement loans (for SMUD electric customers with qualifying projects)
  • GeoSmart revolving lines of credit with payments as low as 1.5% of balance
We have additional other specialty loans as well.

Please contact our office for more info and ask for Kat Webster.

You can get started with a credit application right now. You can start with this loan now, and then work with our office on other options as well.

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Hero Financing

Hero, is a local government-approved program that makes energy-efficient and water-saving home upgrades affordable for homeowners. HERO offers 100% financing up to your approved amount, and payments are made along with your property taxes—and you repay the full amount over time.

No money down Interest may be tax deductible*
100% financing Flexible 5-25 year terms, depending on area and product
Not based on credit score Competitive, fixed interest rates
Fast approvals Paid with property taxes
Simple instructions on how to submit safe, secure applications online:
SAFE Credit Union Green Energy Loan
  1. Go to https://www.safecu.org/loan_rates.aspx
  2. Select the box “Apply for a Personal Loan”
  3. Select the box “New Application”
  4. Loan Type – select “Other”
  5. Product – select “Green Energy Loan”
  6. Proceed according to online instructions.
  7. In the comments, please write: “I/we are working with Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort on our project.”
  8. To help us track your application, please send an email to kwebster@sierrapacifichome.com letting us know you did complete the SAFE application.
  9. Also “copy” Luis Quintanilla Luis.Quintanilla@safecu.org on the email to us. We have also provided Luis’s contact info belowLuis Quintanilla
    Branch Manager
    SAFE Credit Union – Rancho Cordova FSC
    (916) 971-6490
    (916) 971-6497 Fax
    Email: Luis.Quintanilla@safecu.org

If after applying for this one, you want to see others, just let us know. We’re here to help you get your project completed.

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