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Dear Jason:

Thank you for another "World Class" installation by you Team of Professionals. Your entire Team of Sales, Management, and Installation Technicians have once
again exceeded all of my expectations.

The installation of two HVAC Systems, purchased through the Folsom Costco location, was recently completed at our residence, in a most professional manner.

My wife and I are definitely pleased with every aspect of project, work ethic, along with the professionalism displayed by every Sierra Pacific individual.

First, I would like to commend Glenn Richard, HVAC Design Specialist, for his excellent presentation and product knowledge. His commitment to your firm,
product knowledge, and understanding of the processes involved made it easy for us understand the benefits that Sierra Pacific brings to the table. There is no doubt
in my mind that Sierra Pacific is a "Value Added" service orientated resource in our geographical area.

Secondly, I would like to express my appreciation for the teamwork and support provided by both Mike Baker and Justin Bonino. Both Installation Supervisors were
responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive to our needs and to me during the installation and activation phases of this project. Both men were courteous, caring,
and professional at every level.

Finally, I would like to express how much it meant to have such wonderful team of installation professionals. I definitely feel each of the six men who came to our
residence should receive recognition for a "Job Well-Done". We were fortunate to have two teams on-site to expedite the installation process. On the first day team one,
Brad – Lead, Shawn, and Phillip performed the removal and installation of our smaller system; Team two, Jude – Lead, AJ, and Hunter performed the removal and installation of the larger system. On day two, Jude and his Team completed the testing and activation of both systems.

I want you to know each one of your employees demonstrated absolute professionalism – you should be proud of these folks; please pass along our sincerest thanks and appreciation for their hard work.

I do have one comment with respect to the installation process. I believe it would be worthwhile to remind teams to ensure their hands are clean when sealing the wall and ceiling registers. If not careful, the area surrounding the registers to become smeared with fingerprint smudges, etc. AJ and I noticed dirt from inside the register ducting had gotten onto to the ceiling – he immediately cleaned the surrounding area.

I would like to acknowledge the work performed by Ms. Jennifer McFall, Valley Duct Testing. Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable, and able validate all equipment was performing within expected parameters. I was pleased to note the close cooperation and teamwork between your 'team and her efforts; again, professionalism at the highest level.

Thank you for providing us with a wonderful product and excellent service!

Sincerely Yours,

Gary S.

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