Furnace Tune-ups Save Energy and Money

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If you believe your furnace is not functioning properly, it is definitely time for a tune-up. But how can you tell if your furnace is acting strangely? There are many signs of a defective system, such as uneven heating from room to room, an erratic thermostat, odd noises coming from the furnace itself, unusually high heating bills, and extremely dry air. Sacramento HVAC specialists can locate and resolve any problems with home heating and cooling systems.

When heating systems fail, a thorough diagnosis is called for, especially if family members are suffering from allergies or experiencing unexplained headaches and flu symptoms. Leaking ducts can bring mold and other impurities into the home, leading to various physical discomforts and illnesses. One of the things a furnace tune-up can do is eliminate leakage in the HVAC system. Sacramento HVAC specialists will conduct a complete diagnosis and tune-up for an ailing furnace. A tune-up will help discover leaky ducts and mechanical problems in the furnace unit.

Health benefits aside, furnace tune-ups also save you money by cutting down on wasted energy. While the average life of home furnaces is between 15 and 20 years, some units fail much earlier if they are not properly maintained. If your furnace is old and requires frequent fixing, it might be time for a replacement. In order to avoid the pains of buying and installing a completely new furnace, be sure to have your current system serviced on a regular basis in order to get the maximum efficiency and life expectancy from your unit.

Smart homeowners will get the most from their furnaces by keeping an eye on utility bills. When monthly charges seem higher than normal, it might be time for a furnace tune-up. This vigilance pays off in more than scheduling regular maintenance, however. Homeowners who set their thermostats up just one degree will typically see a four percent rise in heating costs per month. If you haven’t touched the dial in a bit and your bills are still higher than expected, this is a great time to contact a specialist to examine your HVAC system. When a thermostat does not seem to be doing its job, the problem is often due to a faulty furnace or leaky ducts. This is where a tune-up will have a direct effect on energy bills. An efficient furnace system will deliver uniformly warm air to every room of the house, and respond easily to changes you make with the thermostat.

No homeowner wants to gamble with their own health, much less that of family members and loved ones. Broken or inefficient furnaces can allow carbon monoxide to leak into the home. The gas is invariably hazardous to humans and animals. And because CO is colorless and odorless, its presence can go undetected for long periods. A furnace inspection and tune-up will find these dangerous conditions and restore the heating unit to its proper state of efficiency. And if you haven’t got a CO detector already, invest in one!

Sacramento HVAC specialists know where to find the cause of furnace malfunctions as well as how to fix them. With regular inspections, homeowners will not have to worry about their family’s health or safety. Not only will everyone in the home breathe easier, they will be at a much lower risk for dust allergy attacks.

If you notice any symptoms of a faulty heating unit, have a professional examine the system right away. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get. A tune-up is the easiest way to prevent some truly serious furnace woes.

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