Governor Emphasizes Energy Conservation

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California Governor Jerry Brown spent a good deal of his State of the State address discussing the threat global warming poses for California.  Unfortunately he didn’t spend much time on his 2013 energy policies.  He did emphasize energy conservation, however.

“Key to our efforts is reducing electricity consumption through efficiency standards for buildings and appliances.  Over the last three decades, these pioneering efforts have saved Californians $65 billion dollars.  And we are not through yet,” Brown said.

Californians use around half the energy per capita that Americans do as a whole.  It’s estimated that Americans could conserve nearly a third of the energy they currently use by taking advantage of some simple, straightforward practices.  Californians have lead the way by replacing older appliances, turning off lights when not in use, and changing other personal habits in the interest of conservation. 

Conservation is certainly a strong point of California’s climate policy and deserves attention and expansion.  California’s expanding solar energy industry is worthy of attention too.  State initiatives such as the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan to manage utility-scale energy development or the California Solar Initiative to build generating capacity in and around urban areas were not mentioned by Governor Brown.

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