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Dear Mr. Jason Hanson,

I think I spoke with you a month or two ago regarding new solar for our home we our building on Lakehills Court in El Dorado Hills. We have been going back and forth regarding do we want it or not? If we have solar installed at our new home it is because of people like you and Taylor Andrews.

Taylor Andrews is a wonderful person. He has been to our home several times to install a new solar panel. The first two times he was here it began to rain so we had to reschedule for safety reasons. Taylor’s professional attitude and knowledge of your products is very comforting. It’s this type of service that gives us hope both today and in the future regarding the company we choose. Our biggest concern was if we have solar installed at the new house if the company would be reliable and trustworthy to do the repairs and service. We feel very comfortable and trust you and your staff to do the job.

Again I can’t say enough about Taylor, while he was hear today to fix a small leak on the roof he also found something wasn’t working in our solar on the roof. I think he said it was a sensor that regulates the temperature or something like that. He had the part on his truck and was able to repair this problem while he was here.

Again, we are extremely pleased with you and your staff.


Michael Andrews

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