Heat Pump Water Heater

What is a heat pump water heater? This type of water heater is a highly efficient electrical unit that pulls heat from the surrounding air to heat the water in your home. In a sense, the heat pumper water heater works exactly like a refrigerator unit in reverse. Since heat pumper water heaters do not use fuel to heat up water, they use about 1/3 less electricity than the traditional electric water heater model. As a result, heat pump water heaters are two to three times more energy efficient than conventional models. Due to the previously mentioned statistics reported by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, SMUD is offering the following savings:

  • A $1,000 rebate to anyone who installs a heat pump water heater. This applies to ANY SMUD electric customer-even if they are converting from gas water heat to Heat Pump Water Heater.
  • The heat pump water heater must be installed by June 1st above rebate. After June 1st, 2014 to qualify for the , the rebate will be $600.

SMUD’s reasoning behind their huge endorsement of Heat Pump Water heaters is simple. Heat pump water heaters consume so much less energy to get the same job done as traditional water heaters, they want to drive the marketplace to grow as a result.

Is the heat pump water heater a fit for my home? If your home falls under any of the following criteria the answer is “Yes.”

  1. Your home contains an existing water heater that is non-solar feasible for solar domestic hot water (SDHW).
  2. Your home utilizes an existing propane water heater that is non-solar feasible for SDHW.
  3. Your home uses an existing SDHW system that is in a location that is no longer viable, because a tree grew up over the house.
  4. Many people choose to install a heat pump water heater simply because the technology offers cost savings for the home owners over the conventional electric water heater or propane.

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