Make Your Home a Hazard-Free Zone with Home Performance Inspections

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Did you know it may be possible for your home to be twice as comfortable and energy-efficient than it already is? If that sounds like a great idea to you, we suggest a quick call to Sacramento home performance specialists to assess your home and suggest energy-saving improvements. You can cut utility bills in half, prevent permanent damage and turn your home into a comfortable safe haven for you and your family.

What Is Home Performance?

Home performance focuses on the power consumption, comfort, safety and condition of your home. It assesses how much energy systems and fittings use and how you can alter the way they operate to lower costs. Home performance specialists also fix irregular room temperature and poor lighting so you can feel more comfortable in your private space.

Because some appliances and devices can give off harmful fumes and cause fires, experts conduct special inspections and repairs to increase safety and protect your health. By eliminating potential hazards, your house is protected from damage caused by leaking and other performance problems.

Home Performance Assessments and Tests

To conduct a thorough audit, Sacramento home performance specialists need to do a visual and physical inspection of your entire home, including rooms, attics, basements and crawl space. When they’ve finished, tests will be carried out using specialized equipment to check for faults and their sources.

One of the most common tests is door blower testing. Specialists use a blower fan to suck air out of the house and reduce air pressure. The aim is to determine if there is any air leakage or unwanted concentrations of moisture indoors. If either is present, steps can be taken to correct this and ensure proper ventilation. The contractor will also check for leaking ducts and testing duct flow.

Testing the quality of air inside your home important because when air is not properly distributed, contains too much moisture, or leaks, it increases your power bill and limits how effectively your home is heated and cooled. Temperature can peak or dip unexpectedly and dramatically.

Performance experts also need to inspect your air conditioning system. Many homeowners do not maintain their heating and cooling systems. Over time, these systems begin to malfunction, which affects the overall temperature. Poorly maintained systems consume much more energy than those that get regular maintenance. To fix this problem, your air conditioner might be tuned, fixed or replaced.

To ensure further safety and comfort, experts can test your property for carbon monoxide, mold, gases and other hazardous substances. Walls and windows can be insulated properly and any equipment in the home checked.

How To Know If You Need Home Performance Checks

Most homeowners are unaware their property is due for performance checks until after the assessment. Experts usually use infrared photography to visually indicate problems inside the home and out. However, if you experience unexplained deterioration of health, develop breathing problems, uneven room temperatures, humidity, air tightness, sounds and odors from air conditioning system, mold growth, lighting that affects the eyes and high utility bills, it is likely you need an inspection immediately.

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