Important News for the Solar Industry in California

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With the issuance last week of the Proposed Decision related to the determination of California’s 5% net metering cap, it’s game time. We’ve met with Commissioners, we’ve briefed legislators, we’ve filed formal comments and letters of support, and engaged the media. In a significant way, however, the campaign has just begun. The utilities are stepping up their opposition to this proposal – including going to the legislature to see this proposal blocked – and we need to step up our support.


In the meantime, however, there is one thing you can do – communicate directly to the California Public Utilities Commission your personal support of this Proposed Decision. Here’s how to do so:

Option #1Vote Solar has set up a e-mail system that will automatically e-mail the Commission’s public advisor. The CalSEIA goal is to get 20,000 e-mails sent to the Commission on this issue in the next month. CalSEIA needs you to hit this link, and then ask your friends to do the same.

Option #2 – E-mail the public advisor directly at I’ve created the message body on this matter that you’re free to personalize or add your thought into the body of an e-mail.

Approval of this Proposed Decision would give California’s solar industry at least another year under the current 5% cap, guaranteeing that thousands of additional systems will enjoy the benefits of net metering.

Additionally, this will provide the industry much-needed time to organize, prepare, and garner the facts needed for the coming debate regarding the state of net metering in the post-5% landscape.

Jason Hanson, President
Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort

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