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If you haven’t seen this, check out the newest thermostat from Lennox.

This thermostat is cool! The icomfort WiFi thermostat makes home comfort and thermostat control accessable from your smart phone via the internet and connects to your router via wi-fi. Access remotely with any of your devices – Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone. If you were on vacation and forgot to adjust the thermostat, well this is the app that keeps your system operating at peak performance and at the appropriate settings to save you money, just by swiping your finger.

It looks and feels like an iPhone/iPad and can be covered with a “skin” and a photo image to blend into the wall or appear like a piece of artwork on the wall. Plus it is SUPER easy to use. This should be the thermostat of choice for homeowners. See this site ( for more info.


For homeowners how have the icomfort WiFi thermostate, this Saturday (7/21/12) the new updates will be automatically downloaded at your first connection. The Gelaskins enhancement will be numbered 02.01.0134. To verify this revision go to:
Features Screen
Press Service Info
Press Thermostat Info
and click on revision number

To Upload a Skin:
Order from Gelaskins and an image file will be sent to your email box. Skins can then be uploaded at the customer portal site ( under the new tab “Skins”.

 It is recommended that images come directly from Gelaskins as your imported image may not have the correct settings and this could distort the picture.

To turn on the Skins on the thermostat:
Go to the Features screen
Press Display Settings
Press Power Save button
And select Skins and after 30 seconds of inactivity the image will appear.


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