Important Solar Water Heating Rebate News

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Important Solar Water Heating rebate news!

New PG&E solar water heating rebates just increased by 45%!
This is great news for homeowners to get or replace Solar Water Heating systems.

You can now get free hot water from the sun and cut your PG&E energy bill.


On January 31, 2012, CALSEIA filed a Petition For Modification of the CSI-Thermal Program asking for incentive increases to help invigorate the Program (Click here to view).  On July 3rd, the PUC issued a Proposed Decision partially granting CALSEIA’s Petition.  Today, the PUC adopted the Proposed Decision of Commissioner Peevey to increase the CSI-Thermal incentives by 45% for residential customers, and 13.33% for commercial customers.  These incentive increases will apply to projects effective July 3, 2012, the date of the Proposed Decision.

Call Sierra Pacific and arrange your complimentary, no obligation solar-water-heating system design and proposal.

You’ll find out how the rebates and tax credits pay for 40% of the system!

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