Installing a Solar Power System in Your Home: When You Need Help

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Harnessing solar energy to power your home is a great way to reduce greenhouse gases and cut energy costs. Solar energy releases none of the toxic emissions that come from fossil fuels, allowing you to decrease your carbon footprint substantially. For this reason, solar energy offers fantastic environmental advantages and also can match peak time output with peak demand.

A photovoltaic solar system will decrease your energy bills drastically each month and allow you to take advantage of a free, endlessly renewable energy source. Installing a solar power system in your home is a fantastic investment by both lowering your bills and raising the value of your home. You will have to spend money initially to have the system installed, but it will more than pay itself off within the first year. And the environmental impact of solar power is becoming more important every day in order to protect the remaining resources and decrease air and water pollution.

There are some difficulties that come with installing a solar power system, however. The process is quite complex and you might find yourself at a loss as to how you can even get started, unless you’re already an expert in this field.

One of the first steps is deciding which solar power system is right for your home, which is a more complicated decision than you might think. You will also need various permits and inspections before installing your system, and there may be special tools and equipment to install the system. Most solar panels are mounted to your roof on specialized tracks. If you are unsure how to install them and something goes awry the panels could not only be damaged but so could your roof. The system is even more complicated if you have a red tile roof. Finally, make you aren’t breaking the terms of your homeowner’s insurance agreement by installing the system without the help of a certified contractor. Such a project may invalidate coverage on your roof, which could be very costly down the line. It is extremely important to thoroughly research how to install a solar system properly before embarking on any such project.

Without a lot of time, energy and research, installing a solar power system yourself might not actually save any money over a professional installation, where these hassles will be taken care of for you. Even if you managed to design your own system and buy all the parts, it might be a good idea to find help with the installation process. From assessing your climate for solar power use to evaluating your solar power options and plotting your sun chart, there are many fine details to work out during this process, and a solar specialist can help.

If you want help or advice on the details of installing a solar energy system for your home, a solar specialist in the Sacramento area can offer you valuable insight and provide answers to your questions. Whether or not you choose a commercially made system or seek a professional contractor to help with installation, there are many specialists who can help you determine your needs, help you get started, or help you finish up. Since insurance is not offered on many self-installed systems, it’s certainly worth your while to discuss all your options with a certified contractor.

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