L.A. Mayoral Candidates Endorses Solar Goal

Published February 2013 by

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s current rooftop solar goal is 382 megawatts by 2020.  This is a six-fold increase over the city’s current 60 megawatts.  In the first mayoral debate, two candidates indicated they support a big, bold vision for solar power in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles City Councilman Eric Garcetti made it clear that he will push Los Angeles to generate about a fifth of its electrical power by rooftop solar.  His main competition, City Controller Wendy Greuel, has indicated her support of a similar pledge.

Greuel declared that she believes Los Angeles should rightfully be the solar capital of the world.  Garcetti countered by pledging that his mayoral administration would increase LA’s rooftop solar tenfold by the end of his term in 2018.

Michelle Kinman, clean energy advocate with Environment California reacted to these pledges positively.  “We applaud Mr. Garcetti and Ms. Greuel’s endorsement of a big, bold vision for solar power in Los Angeles.  Making Los Angeles a world-class solar city is a no-brainer solution that will bring cleaner air to the city, help stop global warming, and create local jobs that can’t be outsourced.  We welcome the endorsement of this goal by all of the other mayoral candidates.”

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