Is This A Promising New Kind of Rooftop Solar?

Published February 2013 by

There’s an interesting new approach to rooftop solar power that’s been getting some attention.  V3 Solar’s CoolSpin unit seems to offer the possibility of inexpensive and efficient solar power generation that delivers more productivity than flat panels.   This unit eliminates the need for inverters to convert the power generated into alternating current.  Is it too good to be true?

The CoolSpin unit is a rotating cone embedded with photovoltaic cells and is set for mass production later on in 2013.  It’s cone design means that at least some of the cone’s PV cells will be facing the sun directly at all times, eliminating the need for tracking mechanisms that follow the sun from sunrise to sunset.  The spinning motion and bar lenses concentrate the available sunlight in the PV cells as they spin past and generate alternating current without inverters.  The spinning effect also keeps the cells cool, eliminating a loss of productivity when the cells overheat.

The CoolSpin offers a form that allows installation on almost any rooftop.  It can also be installed on power poles, streetlamps, dedicated pedestals, and many other areas that are a part of the urban landscape.    If the product delivers all it has promised, it will generate around 200 watts of power from only 11 square feet of mounting space.  Add to that the cost factor, only about eight cents per kilowatt hour, and you have a power source that is more cost effective than any other source of energy besides natural gas.

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