Why You Need A Sacramento Home Performance Expert

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Sacramento home performance experts provide feedback to homeowners on getting the most out of their energy use. Their advice can help you save quite a bit on your utility bills—something all homeowners would be quite thankful for. For example, one of a few ways to lower your monthly bill is by limiting air movement into and out of your house and wrapping or re-sealing your ducts. One possible source of leakage are scrawl spaces, which can be a major source of heat loss if they aren’t sealed properly. All of these fiddly details, and more, can be caught by home performance personnel examining your home.

These experts help homeowners set specific goals when diagnosing the energy sapping spots in their home. Such as:

  • Poorly installed windows, cracks around doors and poor insulation
  • Deteriorating insulation in your walls and ceilings
  • Energy sapping circuitry
  • Outdated appliances that don’t use energy efficiently

These energy specialists assist homeowners in pinpointing problems in their home that might be corrected, giving them a more comfortable and affordable home. Areas to examine include the furnace, duct insulation, attics and outside walls to ensure none of these are interfering with the performance of your household’s appliances. You may also be advised to replace air conditioners or furnaces for your safety, comfort, and savings. If you want to make these changes, a home performance expert can also help you design and determine what size system is right for your home. I.e. should you get ductless minisplit air conditioners or install a central cooling unit?

Meanwhile, specialists with certain state and local certification can help Sacramento-area homeowners determine if they qualify for rebates and tax credits on energy-efficiency projects… and help you apply for them in the process of remodeling!

These credits are available on ecologically sound technologies such as solar, wind and geothermal energy. You can also earn them through smaller improvement projects, such as upgrading water heaters, insulation and re-sealing windows and doors.

We can also help you develop a longterm plan for energy efficiency, including evaluating how much energy you use and if a solar power system is right for you. Or perhaps a solar or tankless water heater? There are so many options out there that homeowners can be easily overwhelmed, and often scared away by price tags.

Sacramento home performance experts know fuel distribution costs as well as savings offered by upgrading your equipment. Worried about the price of a solar power system? Well, on average they offer monthly savings of $140 dollars for California residents. Think tankless water heating systems won’t be able to provide the hot water you need? In fact, tankless water heaters can deliver 2-5 gallons of water per minute!

A home performance specialist can also help determine details such as the best way to situate solar panels on your roof, what energy efficient appliances are best for your home, and which alternative fuel sources are ideal for your location, climate, and needs. If you want to take advantage of all the renewable energy, high-performance, cost-saving equipment available today, contact a home performance specialist to see what they can do for you.

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