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SlidingDoorsUpgrading your home with new windows and doors can have a dramatic effect on the beauty of your home. Windows show us the world outside while protecting us from the elements. Effective window design will let plenty of natural light into your home which is important aesthetically but also to brighten the moods of those within. What surprises many homeowners with new windows is how much quieter the home seems to be from the interference of outside noise. Most homeowners don’t look beyond the basic look and function of their windows, yet there are many other considerations. The modern Sliding Doorsmaterials and technology that go into the newly manufactured windows offered by Sierra Pacific are specifically engineered and designed with options that can save you money on your energy bills as well as protecting your furniture and other household items from the damage that can happen from being exposed to sunlight. A review of the specific manufacturing specifications of a window can reveal that not all windows have the same quality.

Needless to say, if you are considering updating your home windows, a consultation with a Design Specialist should be one of your first priorities. There are a variety factors to consider when planning your window replacement that will affect the cost and longevity of your new windows. As a homeowner it is important to educate yourself as much as possible, especially when it comes to something that will lower your energy usage and carbon footprint. The time spent meeting with a trained specialist can help you sort through a multitude of options, here are just a few of the significant points to consider.

Window Materials

The three basic material options you will see for replacement windows will be wood, aluminum and vinyl. Vinyl is almost always the best option as it doesn’t need to be repainted or treated in any way over the years. As well as being quite durable, it is also very easy to keep clean as it is resistant to virtually all household cleaning solvents. Even some wooden window manufacturers make a window with a vinyl core which is then faced with wood. This shows the respect the window industry places in the strength and durability of vinyl.

There are applications where wooden windows may be the better choice as wood may match the style of the house more effectively. Specifically there are historic districts within Sacramento that require the wood window to keep the character of the home. Other areas may not require wood windows but the construction of the home would benefit from them. In this case it may be an option to have windows that look like wood on the inside but which are vinyl on the outside. If solid wood windows are what you desire, just be prepared to spend considerably more on maintaining those windows in the long run.

Aluminum windows are not as widely used as they once were, in fact they are no longer an option in our part of California.

Another material consideration is the hardware the windows use to operate and lock. It is important that your windows operate smoothly and lock effectively. Splurging a bit on the hardware is something you will never regret. Whatever material you choose, be sure to go with a dual pane design whichWindow-Exteriorincorporates low-e film. This will greatly reduce your energy costs because of better insulation as well as reducing the UV rays which enter your home.

Window Styles

While more often than not homeowners prefer replacement windows, redesigning some of the window spaces in your home could add so much more than just additional natural lighting. The look, feel, and dynamic of a room and even an entire house can be completely altered by implementing some new window features.

If your budget allows for it, our expert window design specialists can come up with a design that will literally breathe new life into your home.

Entry Door Windows – Placed on either side, or even the top of your main entryway, having entry door windows will completely change a visitor’s first impression of your home. Letting plenty of natural light into the entryway or foyer of your home will provide real architectural character right from setting the first step inside.

Bay Windows – A stunning, multifunctional feature that adds plenty of natural light, shelf space, seating, and more. Utilizing a bay window feature you can Bay-Windowcreate a cozy little alcove in a room that is great for relaxing, reading, or even adding some house plants to a room without taking up floor space.

Dormer Windows – Lovingly referred to as “dog houses”, dormer windows are a great way to break up a long, dull roofline and add some additional lighting as well as interior space to your second floor or attic. The best dormer shapes will match the original design of the house so perfectly, they will seem as though they have always been there.

Skylights – High windows, transoms, and skylights allow you to add plenty of natural light to a room while at the same time maintaining your sense of privacy. There is no better way to get views of the sky and trees above. Operable skylights have the added benefit of being a great source of ventilation.

Clerestory Windows – The kitchen has the most common application of this type of window. Consider the effect of placing long, narrow windows above your kitchen cabinets. This will flood the room with natural light while giving you a sense of privacy. This also allows you to be able to utilize your kitchen wall space more effectively.

Window Walls – The most effective way to take in the stunning view outside is by far with a window wall. Floor to ceiling glass brings the outdoors right into the room creating a feeling of openness.

Window installation

Even the most expensive windows can be cheapened by poor installation. Properly installed and insulated windows will give you an immediate, noticeable reduction to your energy bills. This is the very reason you wanted to have your old, drafty windows replaced. Without proper installation, you may as well have kept the old ones in there. Additionally, the window installation must maintain the integrity of the water intrusion barrier of the home. The selection of the window for the home and the method it is installed have significant impacts on the scope of the project. Taking a short cut in this aspect can result in costly damages from water intrusion. At Sierra Pacific, we don’t seek ways to cut costs at the expense of a long term durable installation for the home. Our Design Specialist can share with you the techniques we use to make your window installation trouble free for decades to come.

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Lead Based Paint EPA, Abatement Protocol

Current Federal and State laws prescribe specific techniques to be used and documented in the course of removing windows from a home that was built prior to 1978. The documentation by the installer is critical for homeowner records, but the methods used during the demolition portion of the old windows demand specific protocol to limit the potential contamination of the rest of the home from lead based paint that may have been used at some point in the home’s history. Installers are required to prove, through sampling and testing, that there is no lead based paint, or perform the work on the project as if there is lead based paint. Homeowners should be prepared for extra costs in performing window removal from older homes versus homes built after the 1978 cutoff date. These specific Lead Based Paint abatement procedures rarely apply to other projects that Sierra Pacific performs on older homes, but they almost always apply when the project includes removing/replacing windows for the pre-1978 homes.

Upgrading your windows will change both how your home is viewed from outside and how you interact with the outside world from within. Your new windows will be the new focal point of your home. They will make it easier on your heating and air conditioning systems and your wallet. New windows from Sierra Pacific provide natural light while at the same time keeping out harmful UV rays and therefore protect your furnishings and household items. Our skilled staff of designers will ensure you get the most efficient window designs that meet your budgetary requirements. Finally, our experienced installers will make sure to use best installation practices to ensure proper insulation. Your new windows to the outside world will make a world of difference for your home.


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