Using Seer to Predict Lower Costs in Sacramento Heating and Air Conditioning

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The cost of heating and air in Sacramento can make for some painful monthly utility bills.

Like most Americans, Sacramento residents can expect to spend $1,000 per year trying to keep their home’s climate comfortable according to a report by Energy Star.

Who doesn’t love a cool home to relax in on a hot summer’s day? Or a house that stays toasty and warm through those long winter nights? The fact is most of us are willing to pay for these luxuries – even if the bills are enough to make us wince.

But what if I told you that investing in a more energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner now could save you hundreds in utility costs over the lifetime of that appliance? Would that sound like a good investment to you?

Using EER to Predict Lower Costs in Sacramento Heating and Air Conditioning

Savings starts with EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). Most contractors mistakenly want to talk about the SEER, but in our area, the EER is more important.

SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, indicates the energy-efficiency of appliances like air conditioners and heat pumps over the course of different seasons. The problem with using SEER in the Sacramento area is that the SEER rating is developed assuming a more humid environment (such as in the south eastern states) than we experience here.

The EER is developed on using a criteria that is more similar to our environment.

Although there’s a lot of technical information that determines an appliance’s EER number the basic idea behind it is this: how much cool will an AC unit (for example) give out for the electricity it takes in. The higher the EER number is the greater the energy-efficiency of the appliance.

And just as a seer is able to gaze into her crystal ball and make predictions about the future, so too can a EER rating predict how much you’re likely to save in utility costs over the appliance’s lifetime.

And when the appliance in question is an air conditioning unit those savings can be significant.

Nothing in your home drains electricity and drives up utility costs like an air conditioner, and if your unit is more than 12 years old you could start saving money immediately by upgrading to a new unit with an EER number of 12.5 or higher.

Based on one savings calculator, if your current air conditioning unit has a SEER rating of 8 your 15-year savings would be nearly $500 if you upgraded to a unity with a SEER rating of 13. More cool for less cash? Sounds good!

The savings don’t stop there, though. In many situations rebates and tax credits are available to help home owners cover the upfront costs of replacing their current HVAC system with a more energy-efficient alternative.

Does saving more money in Sacramento on heating and air conditioning sound good?

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