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Rocklin, California is well known for its efforts to promote energy upgrades and to encourage environmental awareness. This is why Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort is delighted to be one of the most trusted names in providing cost effective and dependable energy solutions to the fast growing population of Rocklin.

We have served over 20,000 happy customers in the Rocklin area as well as in Sacramento, Lincoln, New Castle and many other California cities. We’re eager today to help YOU save money on your energy bill or to provide you with the prompt, friendly and dependable HVAC service you need.

Need immediate assistance? We’re available for emergency service calls 24 hours a day and seven days a week. To schedule your appointment, just call us at the number on this site.

If You’re Paying too Much For Heating and Air, We Can Help

The efficiency and cost effectiveness of your HVAC system is an important consideration when choosing which brand or model to install. It’s also important when deciding whether to repair or replace your HVAC system.  In many cases, you HVAC charges are responsible for 30% of your overall energy consumption.

If your HVAC system is outdated by ten years or more, it could be working one and a half times as hard as it needs to be just to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This means, you could be paying more than necessary for your monthly HVAC charges, simply by not having the most efficient system installed.

Many other factors can contribute to the size of your energy bill. This is why, at Sierra Pacific, we consider it our duty to perform a home evaluation and help you understand where you could be saving money. Here are just a few things we look for when evaluating your home and HVAC system:

1.       Your windows and window treatments

2.       Air leaks

3.       Flaws in your home insulation

4.       The size of your home

5.       The amount of shade your home is under

6.       The size and power of your HVAC system

7.       The age of your HVAC system

Out well trained technicians will help perform a complete home evaluation (which can also include a furnace check) and help you discover where you’re using more energy than necessary. Just call us right now and ask about how our home evaluation can help you have a bit more money left over at the end of the month.

How Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort Works to STAY the Best

At Sierra Pacific, our HVAC technicians are required to undergo 100 hours of training to ensure that they are the very best at what they do. We guarantee to help you find the absolute best HVAC solution for your needs and as far as we’re concerned, no  job is completely done until YOU arecompletely satisfied. Just call us at the number on this site to schedule your home evaluation. Thank you for choosing Sierra Pacific.

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