How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

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Solar pool heating is one of the most cost effective ways to have a positive impact on the environment through solar energy.  In the Sacramento area, a typical pool season will cost more than $2,000 to heat a pool with a natural gas system.  Installing a solar pool heating system makes good economic sense, paying for itself quickly.  So, how does solar heating keep your pool warm and comfortable?

Solar pool heading uses unglazed solar panels to collect solar energy for your outdoor pool or spa.  These collectors are the simplest and least expensive of all collectors.  To make the most of your solar pool heating system, you must have an area for the solar panels large enough to fit them easily and give them proper exposure to the sun.  You will want a southern exposure ideally, and may have to add collectors if your roofline does not have a southern surface.

You should plan on a solar collection area that is roughly 60% of the area of your pool surface.  If you don’t have a southern exposure or an ideal collector location, you may want to add panels until your collection area is as large as your pool.

Solar heating is completely automatic.  You simply set the pool thermostat where you want it and let the system do the rest.  Your system will keep your pool at the desired temperature, using gas heat only as a backup when the sun is not available.

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