Solar Powered Air Conditioner & Virtual Power Plant Enters Volume Production

Published March 2013 by

The GPRM100 is a solar powered air conditioner and virtual power plant being manufactured by Green Power Resource Management, Inc.  This unit provides efficient cooling, ac power out, and backup energy powered directly from solar panels.  The unit is effective for homes, residential buildings and small commercial buildings. 

During an emergency power situation, people will have access to renewable energy sources when the grid goes down.  The system is not just for emergencies, however.  It provides consistent energy savings in daily use.  The system is designed to run directly off of solar panels, a wind turbine, batteries, or even the ac power in a home or office.  It provides renewable energy to other devices such as lights, a refrigerator, TV or computer – giving users access to power when the grid is down.

Typically solar installations are tied to the electrical grid and can’t provide power to a home or office when the grid goes down.  Most customers with solar installations don’t realize that when the traditional electric power goes out for a period of time, the solar energy generated by their installation goes down as well.  As technology advances, however, renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly available for off grid use.

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