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1) Use License:

a. Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort grants permission to download a single copy of any materials such as information on energy-efficient or heating and air systems as well as solar products from our website provided it is for non-commercial, personal viewing only and only on a temporary basis. This is not to be considered as a transfer of title as it is only a granting of licensure. Therefore, you are not allowed to:

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2) Disclaimer:

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– implied merchantability conditions or warranties
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Furthermore, our company does not manufacture and will not warrant any representations where the accuracy, reliability, or results regarding this website are concerned or those that may otherwise be related to materials on another website that may be linked to the Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort website.

3) Limitations:

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4) Revisions and Corrections:

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5) 3rd Party Website Links:

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6) Site Terms of Use Modifications:

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7) Governing Law:

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