StorEdgeTM: Backup Power and On-Grid PV Solution

StorEdgeTM is SolarEdge's all-in-one solution that uses a single on-grid DC optimized inverter to manage and monitor both solar generation and energy storage. Homeowners are automatically provided with backup power in the event of grid interruption to power pre-selected loads. Solar energy can be stored in a battery for on-grid applications such as meeting export limitations, offering demand response and peak shaving, and performing time of use shifting for reduced electric bills.

More Energy

DC coupled solution allows high system efficiency PV power is stored directly in the battery No additional conversions from AC to DC Module-level power optimization for more power harvesting

Simple Design & Installation

A single inverter for grid-tied solar, backup power, and on-grid applications

Inverter includes all hardware required for automatic disconnection from the grid when needed

Outdoor installation allows flexibility in battery location No special wires are required utilize the same PV cables No high voltage or current during installation and maintenance

Enhanced Safety

Integrated Rapid Shutdown functionality Low current during operation

Full Visibility

Monitor the battery status, PV production, and on-grid application data

Smarter energy consumption to reduce electricity bill Monitor remaining hours of backup power energy Easy access to the inverter during maintenance (outdoor installation)

The StorEdgeTM solution is based on the SolarEdge StorEdgeTM Inverter and Auto-transformer and is compatible with the Tesla home battery, the Powerwall

SolarEdge StorEdgeTM Inverter

Manages and monitors battery and system energy, in addition to its traditional functionality as a DC-optimized PV inverter


Connects to StorEdgeTM inverter to enable split phase balancing during electrical outage applications

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

For high-voltage, high-efficiency DC coupled battery applications

SolarEdge Electricity Meter (Optional)

Connects to SolarEdge inverter to supply production/consumption readings for traditional on-grid applications such as export limitation, demand response and peak shaving, and time of use shifting

Dashboard from the SolarEdge cloud-based monitoring platform

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